How to age up infant in The Sims 4: Cake method & cheat

Aakrit Sharma
Infants in The Sims 4

If you’re tired of handling their tantrums and specific dietary needs, here’s how to age up infants in The Sims 4 through the cake method as well as by using a cheat code.

The Growing Together DLC pack for The Sims 4 introduced eighteen new quirks for infants, making them one of the most interesting life stages in the game. These quirks have a major impact on their personality going forward and you can also focus on their milestones that determine actions.

If you’re playing with auto-aging off in The Sims 4, getting to age up an infant can be tricky. So here’s every method, including cheats, to age up infants in the game.

Infants turned into toddles in Sims 4

Cake method to age up infant in The Sims 4

You can age up an infant in The Sims 4 by preparing a cake with an adult sim and making the infant blow the candles. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Select a sim that can cook.
  2. Head to the fridge and select Cook.
  3. Select the Chocolate Cake which doesn’t require any ingredients.
  4. Wait for the cake’s preparation and the sim should place it on the table. Make sure that no other sim takes a piece of the cake before you add candles.
  5. Tap on the cake and select Add Birthday Candles. You’ll need to spend some money on this.
  6. Select your infant and then tap on the cake again.
  7. Select Candles Help.. and choose a sim to help your infant blow the candles.
  8. Wait for the process to end and your infant will age up.

The Sims 4 infant age up cheat

Here’s how you can use cheats to age up an infant in The Sims 4

  1. Press the following keys to open the cheat command based on your platform:
    • Console – All four triggers
    • Mac – Command + Shift + C
    • PC – Crtl + Shift + C
  2. Type testingcheats true. This should enable cheats in your game.
  3. Enter cas.fulleditmode and press Enter.
  4. Press and hold Shift and click on your infant.
  5. Select Modify in CAS.
  6. The medication menu will appear. Click on your infant and, from the top left corner, choose the toddler stage, pick a trait, and finalize these settings.
  7. Your infant will now age up and turn into a toddler.

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