Content Warning: How to get camera back after dying

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Filming in Content Warning

It’s surprisingly easy to die in Content Warning, and when you do, your camera may be lost forever. There is a way to get your camera back, but you need to make sure you don’t die on your last day of filming. 

It can be disheartening to lose all the great footage you captured in the Old World in Content Warning, especially when you are sure it will bring in the views you need

While you can still hold on to your footage if one of your teammates survives, it looks a lot more grim when everyone dies to that pesky monster. So, here’s how to get your camera back after death in Content Warning.

How to get camera back after death in Content Warning

You can get your camera back the next day in Content Warning by looking for it where you previously died

Filming in Content Warning
You can go back and get your camera if the whole team dies.

Content Warning gives you three days to get the views you need to go viral. So, if your whole party dies on day one or two, you can still go back to the Old World and find your camera with the footage from the previous day. 

However, if you die on the last day, your camera will be lost forever and you will have to try again. In this case, you need to be extra careful to make sure one of your teammates survives so they can grab the camera and run. 

If you are playing solo, just try and make sure the footage you get is of less dangerous monsters so you can make up the last bit of views you need for your run. 

You can also avoid this step altogether and get a ton of great footage on your second day or third day. Enough quality footage can easily get you lots of views, so make sure you get the equipment you need and get filming! 

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