How to open Encrypted Vaults in The First Descendant

Amitesh Dhar
Sharen The First Descendant.

Encrypted Vaults are one of the many secrets that you will come across while exploring Ingris in The First Descendant. Although it functions like a chest, there’s a small puzzle that you need to solve to unlock this item.

Finding an Encrypted Vault isn’t easy at all because they’re neatly tucked away and you’ll have to look really hard if you want to find one of them.

How to unlock an Encrypted Vault

You’ll need a Code Analyser to open Encrypted Vaults in The First Descendant. When you come across a Vault, you will receive a prompt to “Use the Code Analyser.”

Once you’ve interacted with it, you will have to solve a short minigame where you need to press a button the moment the cursor hits a designated area. You will also see a red bar running below, that indicates how much time you have left.

The First Descendant Encrypted Vault minigame screen.
You need to complete the minigame before the timer runs out.

The Encrypted Vault will open as soon as you’re done solving the puzzle. However, remember not to quit the puzzle while you’re solving it, as this will cause you to lose the Code Analyser.

Where to find Code Analyser

Unlike most of the other consumables in The First Descendant, the Code Analyser drops from enemies only. According to the description of the item, you need to kill monsters in regions other than Kingston to receive this item.

Ultra Precision Code Analyser in The First Descendant.
Without a Code Analyser you will not be able to access Encrypted Vaults.

The RNG completely governs the drop rates so you might have to kill a lot of monsters to get your hands on one stack of the item.

How to find Encrypted Vaults

Since this is similar to a secret chest, the Encrypted Vaults will not show up on your map. Instead, you need to keep your eyes peeled for a blue symbol on the ground.

When you stand on this symbol and use the Ecive scan, you’ll hear a low-pitched ringing that keeps on increasing in intensity if you turn the camera around.

When you come to the point where the ringing is the loudest, it means that the Encrypted Vault is in that direction. Now, keep spamming the Ecive scan as you move and if you’re close to the vault, they’ll show up as diamond markers on your HUD.

Just like the Code Analyser, these Encrypted Vaults will spawn everywhere else but in Kingston and Albion. If you’re having a hard time finding these Vaults, keep a look out for mannequin-like figures while exploring the world, because that’s what these Vaults look like.

While looking out for these Encrypted Vaults, you might come across Void Fragments, so make sure you destroy them. You will also come across different currencies as you shoot your way through the Vulgus hordes and level up the best characters in the game.