How to make $100,000 in three minutes on GTA Online

Andrew Highton
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People are always eager to find new ways to make the big bucks quickly in GTA Online. Given that the game is now eight years old, GTA Online is now categorically crammed with a litany of appealing content – that unfortunately costs money.

But one GTA Online player has discovered a quick and easy method to obtain $100,000 in absolutely no time at all. Not only that, but it’s easily repeatable, and we’ll show you how they did it.

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gta online pegassi bati

Earn $100,000 in GTA Online in 3 minutes

This easy-to-replicate trick was found by Light Skin Gaming, and you only need a simple route and a specific bike to get this done.

Here’s each and every step to earn yourself $100,000.

  1. Open up your map in GTA Online
  2. Highlight the Time Trial option on the map’s legend
  3. It should detail a 1-Player Time Trial that starts in Los Santos International Airport
  4. Once you’ve highlighted it on the map, head to
  5. Filter the vehicles to only select the Motorcycles
  6. Purchase the Pegassi Bati 801 for $15,000
  7. If possible, acquire all the upgrades for the bike to make the Time Trial even easier, but this is not essential
  8. Begin the time Time Trial
  9. Follow Light Skin Gaming’s route to complete the best path to beat the time
  10. Enjoy your $100,000 and earn more

Here’s the full video from Light Skin Gaming, the video starts at 1:54 to show you the preferred route.

With the bike and this route, it should be entirely possible for you to make $1 million in under an hour, and enjoy some cool benefits for easy work.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games

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