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How to make $60 million a day in GTA Online

A GTA Online player has found an efficient method to rake in $60 million a day in GTA Online. Here’s how you can do it.



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Making money is one of the absolute keys to enjoying a fuller experience with Grand Theft Auto 5. Here’s a great technique shared by a regular GTA Online player to make bags of cash.

It may be eight years since the historic launch of Rockstar’s fifth entry into the Grand The Auto franchise, but GTA Online’s popularity is seemingly undying. The money-making phenomenon continues to rake in fat stacks of cash for Rockstar, and people can’t get enough of it.

To the game’s credit, it still continues to roll out regular weekly updates, it’s still benefiting from its recent Cayo Perico expansion, and continued talk about GTA 6 is keeping it in the limelight.

Even at this late stage, some players will be new to GTA Online and need to catch up, or existing players would like to be able to flaunt more wealth and indulge in some new, fancy sports cars.

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Earn lots of money in one day of GTA Online

Reddit user mahanpourfakhr posted their method to the Official GTA Online subreddit, and their video demonstrated what is required to successfully pull it off. But be warned, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme by any stretch of the imagination.

The player’s actions took place during a period of 24 real-life hours, meaning you will really have to undergo a serious grind if you want to replicate this strategy to the fullest.

In the video, they had completed all manner of jobs and missions to achieve their grand ambition. This included building up businesses, doing deliveries, and selling goods.

When all was said and done, mahanpourfakhr managed to walk away with about $60 million and a day’s worth of grinding probably set him up for some time in GTA Online.

As we’ve said, this level of commitment will naturally bypass some people as it could be considered a bit extreme and time-consuming.

On the other hand, if GTA Online is something you engage in quite regularly, then this strategy might be worth doing yourself.

Image credits: Rockstar