How to make a crew in GTA Online

Aakrit Sharma
A heist infographic in GTA Online.

Crews can greatly improve your GTA Online experience by introducing group-based activities, combat, and ranks. So, here’s how to make a crew in the game.

Joining a crew or making one is something that you’d want to try out at least once during your role-playing journey in GTA Online. By letting you become a part of a group of up to 1000 members and climbing ranks, it is a great way to socialize, get more Reputation, and engage in in-game criminal activities.

On that note, here’s how to make a crew in GTA Online.

Crew cars in GTA Online
Crew members can customize their cars to stand out.

How to create a crew in GTA Online

You can follow these steps to make a crew in GTA Online:

  1. Head to the official Rockstar Social Club website.
  2. Log into your account with which you play GTA Online. Unless you’ve not played the mode before, you should already have a Social Club account as you need one to access GTA Online.
  3. From the right side of the page, select the Crews tab.
  4. Click on Create a Crew after the menu expands.
  5. Fill in details like crew type, motto, name, and more. Make sure to double-check everything and if you don’t want random players to join your crew, you must tick the Invite-only box.
  6. Select Save this Crew and you should be able to view it in-game.

While making a crew in GTA Online is as easy as it gets, it is worth noting that the name of your crew must be entirely unique and you can only lead one crew at a time.

As for the advantages, you can enjoy 20% RP if you complete missions with a friend and another 10% RP for Crew Members. This is recommended to level up quickly and makes joining or making crews important for progress.

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