How to change world in Once Human

Amitesh Dhar
Teleportation Tower in Once Human

Servers in Once Human are divided into separate segments called worlds to prevent congestion and improve the player experience, but you can jump from one world to another without much hassle.

When you log into the game, you get placed into a world at random. If you’re trying to join a friend, the two of you were likely placed in separate worlds.

Changing worlds in the game is fairly simple, so here’s how it’s done.

Once Human- How to switch worlds

To change worlds, you need to use a Teleportation Tower. When you’re at a Tower, all you need to do is interact with it and then select the world that you want to travel to.

However, before you use a Teleportation Tower, you’ll need to unlock it first. If you follow the main questline right off the bat, you’ll be able to access the Tower within the first 10 to 15 minutes of starting the game.

Teleportation Tower menu
There are around 10 worlds that you can select from.

After you exit your pod in the lab and learn how to craft the supplies required to survive, you will be tasked with defeating a Level 5 Siren. After you’ve defeated the monster, you will be teleported to the town of Dreadsville. Here, you will need to find and unlock the Teleportation Tower.

These Towers are marked with Radio Icons on your map, and if you look at the sky you should see a blue light shooting up into it. If you keep moving in the direction of these lights, you’re bound to come to a Teleportation Tower.

Can you switch servers in Once Human?

No, you cannot change servers in Once Human. After you’ve created your character, you will be locked into the server permanently until the developers introduce a feature to allow you to change servers.

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