What is Concord? Release date & everything we know about Sony’s new FPS

Aryan Singh
Concord cover art with Haymar, Lennox, and Star Child

Concord, from first-party PlayStation studio Firewalk, is a 5v5 hero shooter that takes inspiration from titles like Overwatch. Set within a colorful sci-fi universe, the game features a distinct cast of characters, all equipped with unique abilities.

If you’re interested in the game, here’s everything we know so far about Concord, including its release date, platforms, and more.

Concord release date

Concord will be released on August 23, 2024. The release date was confirmed during the game’s first full presentation, shown off during the May 2024 State of Play.

What platforms is Concord on?

Concord will be released on PS5 and PC. The devs are yet to announce any release plans for Xbox, although that is highly unlikely since it’s a Sony first-party title.

Just like Helldivers 2, another multiplayer shooter published by Sony, the game will be available on PS5 and PC on day one.

Concord Beta dates & how to play

The Early Access Weekend Beta will be available from July 12 to July 14. Players who pre-ordered the game or are active PlayStation Plus members will be able to join in during this period. The early access Beta will feature three game modes, four maps, and all 16 playable characters.

The Open Beta, allowing all PC and PS5 players to participate, will kick off on July 18 and end on July 21.

Concord gameplay explained

At its core, Concord is a 5v5 first-person shooter that sees players use characters with unique abilities, weapons, and powers. It places two teams of five players on alien worlds across its universe and lets them duke it out in arena-style combat.

The title will have 16 playable characters at launch. While we don’t know how far-reaching the abilities of characters will be, the gameplay trailer did highlight the capabilities of specific characters.

Freegunners fighting in a hallway in Concord
Every character comes equipped with different weapons and abilities.

Members of this colorful cast are known as Freegunners, a term allotted to mercenaries who take up high-risk jobs across the galaxy. When they aren’t dueling against other crews, they’ll be interacting with each other as part of weekly cutscenes that tell a new narrative over time. The game aims to deliver a story that evolves with new gameplay additions and content.

All Concord characters revealed so far

  • Lennox
  • Vale
  • Haymar
  • Star Child
  • 1-Off
  • Bazz
  • Jabail
  • Hyps
  • Teo
  • Roka
  • Emari
  • Dutchess
  • It-Z
  • Lark
  • Daw
  • Daveers

There are 16 Freegunners available in Concord. Every character is distinct in terms of personality and abilities, and that uniqueness is conveyed through the designs of their models.


Only two trailers have been released for the game so far. The first arrived back in May 2023, and the other was released almost exactly a year later.

Check them out below:

Teaser trailer

Gameplay trailer

Concord isn’t the only hero-shooter with a Beta around the corner, as Marvel Rivals is set to host its second Beta test soon.

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