What is Once Human? Everything to know about the multiplayer survival game

Joseph Pascoulis
once human character standing outside facility

Once Human is a new free-to-play survival game by Starry Studio that’s picking up popularity thanks to its expansive open-world and multiplayer.

But, for those wondering what gameplay looks like and how the game works, here’s everything you need to know about Once Human.

Once Human gameplay explained

It’s a free-to-play open-world multiplayer survival game with third-person looter shooter gameplay. Players can team up with friends, build their own homes, and fight spooky monsters in a post-apocalyptic setting.

You’ll create a character and be thrust into survival, requiring you to keep track of your energy and hydration. You can eat and drink to control these, but beware of contaminated food and water, as this will decrease your Sanity.

Sanity is a stat you need to keep a close eye on, if it drops, so will your HP. You play as a Meta-Human, who can use the power of Stardust to develop and use special abilities.

There are many weapons, attachments, and perks for players to find and loot, which will help you in combat.

Once Human gameplay screenshot
Build a home and protect it from rogue survivors and monsters.

Does Once Human have PvP?

Yes, there is PvP in Once Human, so beware of rogue survivors who are lurking around your base, as they might be out to eliminate you and take your loot.

You can team up with other online players, and there is a faction system called Warbands in which you can take over territory on the map and claim it for your own against other online teams.

Story & setting

Once Human is set in a post-apocalyptic open world, in which an alien called Stardust has contaminated and infested the earth. This has created monsters that players will need to fight to ease the pollution.

As a Meta-Human, it’s the player’s job to explore the world and uncover secrets, fighting bosses for big rewards and unraveling the mysterious story behind Stardust.

Once Human platforms

Once Human is only available PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) is currently the only platform that Once Human is available on after releasing on June 9, 2024.

There’s no telling whether or not the game will become available on console in the future, as the devs have not released any information, however, they have confirmed that it will arrive on Mobile for Android and IOS soon – there is currently no release date for this.

System requirements

OSWindows 10 64-bit Operating SystemWindows 10 64-bit Operating System
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4460Intel Core i7-7700
Memory8 GB RAM16 GB RAM
GraphicsNvidia GTX 750ti 4G / AMD Redeon RX550Nvidia GTX 1060 6G / AMD Redeon RX 580 2304SP / Intel ARC A380
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
NetworkBroadband Internet connectionBroadband Internet connection
Storage55 GB available space55 GB available space
Additional NotesSSD is highly recommendedSSD is highly recommended

How to play Once Human with friends

  1. Connect to the same server.
  2. Complete the tutorial and unlock the open world.
  3. Pause the game and head to the Social tab in the menu.
  4. Type your friend’s name or ID in the search bar (can also press Z on in-game characters to add them as a friend).
  5. Add them as a friend and you will be able to invite them to your Team, Hive, or Warband to play with them.

To play with friends you need to be in the same server, which you can select from the main menu. It’s important to note that you can not transfer a character across servers, so make sure you communicate which server to join with those who you’d like to play with or you’ll have to make a brand-new character.

If you have done all of the above but can’t find your friend, you may have to use a Teleportation Tower to change the world tier to the one your friend is in or vice versa.

Can you change character in Once Human?

No, you can only have one character per user in Once Human, and that character is tied to the server you created them on. If you wish to change your character or join a different server, you will need to delete your current character to do so.

How to change character appearance in Once Human

If you wish to change your character’s appearance, you can purchase a Chrysalis Token from the Shop in the menu for 480 Crystgin (around $8) and use it at a Floor Mirror in your base.

You can find the mirror under Floor Furniture and you will need 20 logs and 10 glass to build and place it.