What is FragPunk? Everything we know about the FPS so far

Joseph Pascoulis
fragpunk lancers in keyart

FragPunk is an upcoming FPS title that sees players activating gameplay-altering cards that create unique gameplay experiences.

If you’re wondering when it will arrive, as well as details about how the game works, here’s everything you need to know about the fast-paced 5v5 shooter, including all the heroes, ability cards, and more.

When is FragPunk coming out?

Bad Guitar Studio’s FragPunk does not have a release date just yet, as it’s yet to be revealed.

The game had a closed alpha test from June 27 to July 1 where many were able to experience it for the first time.

Will FragPunk be free to play?

Yes, FragPunk will be free to play when it officially launches, but we expect the game to have microtransactions such as a Battle Pass or cosmetics items in a store.


The 5v5 shooter has been confirmed for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

It’s unclear whether or not FragPunk will come to PlayStation consoles, but if anything changes we’ll be sure to update this page.

Gameplay details

FragPunk is a 5v5 round-based hero shooter where players get to select cards each round that bend and alter the rules.

Teams are split into attack and defense, and similarly to CSGO or Valorant, the attacking team will need to plant while the defending team will need to protect the sites.

Players can select from a pool of 10 Lancers (heroes), all of which offer different abilities and playstyles. On top of this, teams will also select Shard Cards, which alter gameplay in a variety of ways.

All Lancers & abilities

Sure, here is the information organized into a table:

BrokerGoddard’s VengeanceA shoulder-mounted rocket that causes explosive damage and knocks back enemies who are within a certain range
Smokestack LightningThrowable gadget that generates a smoke screen around the projectile.
Cherry BombA throwable energy device that generates multiple energy bombs upon hitting the ground
NitroChug ChugDeploys a multi-function tactical combat drone that can be controlled remotely.
The WallPlaces a wall of shields formed by three pieces of cover across the designated location.
Mr. PewpewThrows a sentry turret that fires automatically
HollowpointOne Last KissUses a single-shot electromagnetic sniper rifle with variable magnification optics when aiming down sights, the weapon charges and reveals enemies in the field of view.
Smoke ScreenReleases a forward-moving smoke screen. Enemies caught in the smoke will be displayed as silhouettes.
PaparazziDeploys a trap that automatically attaches to a nearby enemy and exposes them. The gadget can be destroyed or removed by interaction.
KismetHello, GoodbyeGenerates a frontal scan of all enemies in range.
Misery AngelThrows a bomb that deals damage to enemies in range, regardless of intervening barricades.
Walk on the Wild SideEnter Rift Walk stage, becoming invisible and invulnerable, but unable to see other Lancers and gadgets.
AxonElectric GuitarAn electric guitar modified for shooting that deals high damage to close-range enemies. Press the Aim key to quickly throw two “Sticky Fingers” bombs. Every kill made with the guitar replenishes two uses.
Sticky FingersThrows a bouncing sticky grenade. Hold down the Skill key to keep throwing. The grenade bounces off surfaces until it sticks to an enemy, or detonates automatically when its timer is up.
Super FreakWhen activated, Axon is immune to visual disturbances.
DarkslideWhen sprinting, Axon can crouch to slide.
CoronaFast LaneDashes for a short distance; the dash distance is shorter when moving vertically.
Ashes to AshesThrows a device that activates a war zone when hitting the ground, dealing minor damage over time to enemies in its zone, and provides Corona himself with damage reduction and speed booster when he is in its zone.
Hot HeadAfter a short charge, blinds all frontal enemies looking directly at Corona.
JaguarLive WireDeploys an electrical shock trap that deals damage and slows nearby enemies, as well as adding a “Hunter’s Last Gift” to them.
Electric AvenueSummons electrified cages around enemies in front of you. Enemies within the cages will be tagged with a “Hunter’s Last Gift”.
I Can See For MilesDisplays the number and direction of enemies ahead and detects enemies with low health and enemies with “Hunter’s Last Gift”.
Hunter’s Last Gift (Passive)After being affected by Jaguar’s skills, enemies carry “Hunter’s Last Gifts” for a period of time. When “I Can See For Miles” is activated, enemies with “Hunter’s Last Gifts” are detected.
PathojenEmotional RescueThrows a gadget that creates a healing field, restoring health to all friendlies within its zone.
Shroom WallErects a destructible fungus wall on the ground or in a doorway.
Killer QueenA throwable trap that can be activated manually or triggered when an enemy approaches. Lancers within its range will receive damage over time.
Chemical Romance (Passive)Pathojen is immune to poison damage.
ZephyrMidnight RambleEnters optical cloaking mode, which cycles between full invisibility and semi-invisibility. Only melee weapons can be used while in this state. Automatically deactivates once firearms are employed or when under attack.
Fade AwaySelects an area in which Zephyr can become fully invisible when using her “Midnight Ramble”. The cloaking time is unlimited and will not be disrupted when being attacked.
Get BackDeploys a dagger beacon. Reactivate to the ability to teleport to it after a short delay. The beacon can be destroyed. Using this ability will not interrupt the invisibility of Midnight Ramble.
SerketStation to StationPlaces a controllable beacon, and within a limited time, click the left button to teleport to the beacon’s location.
Gold Dust WomanReleases a dust tornado that moves forward slowly, blinding and slowing enemies in range.
DilemmaThrowable gadget that drags enemies in range towards it.

There are 10 characters that all offer different abilities suited to certain playstyles. For example, Broker is all about explosive damage and trap placement, whereas Serket has abilities that are suited to teleportation and area delay.

all fragpunk lancers
FragPunk has 10 characters for you to choose from.

All Shard Cards

Shard CardCategoryDescription
Offense DefenseRuleSwap Defenders and Attackers.
Endless BattleRuleMatch time +30s
Swift ResolutionRuleMatch time -30s
Site DeletionRuleRemove one Target Site randomly.
Clear PathRuleNo doors on the level.
Parting ExplostionLancerExplode on death.
Parting ExplosionLancer[Kill]: All skills +1 use.
LumiprintLancerEnemies leave footprints.
Community HealthcareLancerRegain HP slowly when within 3 meters of a teammate.
Medical ErrorLancerNo Healing for enemies.
Roger, RogerLancerDeploy 2 combat bots on your tea
Mass CheetahLancerMovement speed +20%
Health ClubLancerMax HP +25
Full Fire PowerWeaponLMG: Load all ammo into 1 mag.
Explosive ShotWeaponBullets explode on impact.
Big HeadLancerEnemy heads are bigger!
Healing ShotWeaponShoot teammates to heal them.
Extra PelletsWeaponShotgun: Fire extra pellets per shot
SuperflyLancerGain double jump
Skill ReplenishLancerSkills replenish over time
Weapon EnhancementWeaponEnhance a random weapon of each type.
Parting FlashLancerRelease flashbang on death.
Quick DefuseRuleFufuse time -50%
QuickstartLancerFaster movement for 5s after combat begins
Frozen WastelandRuleSnowy landscape that allows sliding
Extra ConverterRuleAdd N Converter(s) for Attackers.
Plenty of AmmoWeaponMag size and ammo +Nx25%
TurtlebackLancerEquip a turtle on your back to block bullets from behind.
Long DashWeaponCharged melee attack dash distance +100%
Eye of the ReaperRuleExpose nearby enemies after planting.
Chain ReactionWeaponBullets generate chain lighting.
Dragon’s BreathWeaponShotgun: Deal extra fire damage.
Clone TechRuleTeammates can choose the same Lancer.
Regenerative TherapyLancerRegain HP slowly after being out of combat.
Blade MasterWeaponGrants you the blade “Blaze” which can block attacks coming from the front (above knees only).
Cloaking PlantRuleSpawn Cloaking Plants.
Headshot MasterWeaponHeadshot damage +Nx25%
Take Your TimeRuleConverting time +Nx10s
HUD RemixRuleTear off your health bar, swapping health with your target Lancer.
Extra SiteRuleAdds another Target Site.
Free for AllRuleAll weapons for free once.
Fog Of WarRuleHeavy fog on the field.
Killstreak BonusRuleDamage +10% with each kill.
Avenge Me!RuleTeammate damage +10% after death.
RicochetWeaponBullets ricochet up to 3 times.
Parting VisionRuleExpose nearby enemies after death.
Bio-WarriorRuleRespawn as zombies once on death.
Driving RainRuleHeavy rain creates flooded areas that slow down enemies.
Life SaverRuleTeammates can be revived once.
Holistic DeadicineLancerRegain HP after killing an enemy.
Vampire BulletWeaponBullets lifesteal when they hit enemies.
Maximum OverhealthLancerHeal up to extra 25 Max HP.
Skill VampireLancerLifesteal +100% with skills.
Bounce MushroomRuleA Reaper appears behind injured enemies, slashing anyone in range.
Bulletproof DoorsRuleUpgrade all doors to bulletproof auto-doors
Security CheckRuleDoors make sounds when an enemy is near.
Weapon or LifeWeaponSacrifice your primary weapon to survive fatal damage once.
Rift ExpansionRuleEnlarge the Target Site.
Freestyle PlacementRuleAttackers can plant the Converter anywhere, but the converting time +40s
Battle FrenzyRuleSpawn Bounce Mushrooms.
Nerfed A SIteRuleReduce Cover around A Site.
Nerfed B SiteRuleReduce Cover around B Site.
RelocationRuleDefenders can relocate Target Sites until the Converter is planted.
Close HavocWeaponBullet damage +Nx10% at close range.
Time to SnipeWeaponBullet damage +Nx10% at long range.
Fog PhantomsRuleFoggy day, Phantoms pounce on enemies in the fog and expose them.
Psychic LinkLancerSwitch to a random enemy’s perspective once.
Swift SupportLancerTeleport to a teammate’s side.
Initial ScanLancer10s after the round begins, expose enemies for 3s.
Lucky BulletsWeaponsFire an extra bullet in a random direction with every shot
Hard RainLancerGain a water shield when staying in a rainy area.
Death’s Soul CairnLancerEach enemy drops a Soul Cairn upon death, which allows you to transform into the deceased Lancer.
Reaper’s ScytheRuleGenerate Reaper’s Scythe in your spawn area.

There are a total of 73 Shard Cards that have been revealed so far. The cards are split into three categories – Lancer, Weapon, and Rule. Lancer Shard Crads only affect the characters, while Weapon affects the guns, and Rule affects the map and mode.

N Points are the amount of Shard Points your team puts into Shard Cards, which increases their power.

FragPunk is just one of many highly anticipated upcoming shooters. Marvel Rivals is another hero shooter that you may be interested in, and Black Ops 6 is Call of Duty’s next premium release set for 2024.

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