How to create a lobby in Chained Together & invite friends

Aakrit Sharma
Chained Together players jumping

Chained Together can be played solo but to experience the realistic chain physics that make the game challenging, you might want to create a lobby and play with friends.

There are a couple of ways to invite your friends as the game supports online multiplayer as well as local co-op. So, here’s how to create a lobby in Chained Together and invite friends.

Creating a lobby

Two Chained Together players swimming
You can also play Chained Together solo.

Click on the Play option as soon as you enter the main menu in the game and then select Host a Game. Now, you’ll have to choose a name and passcode for your lobby that can be shared with others to let them join.

You’ll also be required to choose from the following difficulty levels:

  • Beginner – You don’t fall irreversibly in this mode as there’s a button in the pause menu that lets your team continue from the highest point reached before falling. There are three checkpoints but do note that Steam achievements and trophies cannot be earned and your time won’t be added to the leaderboards.
  • Normal – Your time upon reaching the Summit is added to the leaderboards but there are no checkpoints so you start over upon falling.
  • Lava – No checkpoints in Lava mode as well. On top of that, lava will constantly chase you and the goal is to reach the Summit before it catches you.

Difference between Locked and Opened chains

  • Opened chains will put one player in the front and the rest will follow them in a line. This makes the person in the front the leader of the team and they’ll be able to control most moves.
  • Locked chains let every teammate have complete control over movement. Naturally, this increases the team’s requirement to coordinate and plan every move with extra caution.

How to invite friends to a lobby

The 1.7.2 update for Chained Together added the option to invite friends through the Steam Overlay. Once you’ve created a lobby, simply press Shift + Tab to open the Steam Overlay and invite the desired players.

How to play co-op locally in Chained Together

To play Chained Together locally, make sure the input devices for all players are connected to the computer. The game will adjust the screen and gameplay according to the number of team members.

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