How to do the Griddy in Madden 24: Inputs & players

Justin Jefferson performing the Griddy dance in Madden 24EA Sports

There’s nothing more satisfying in Madden 24 than celebrating a touchdown by doing the Griddy dance in your opponent’s face. However, not all players can perform this viral celebration. Here’s a guide with all the players available in Madden 24 who can do the Griddy and the button inputs for both PlayStation and Xbox.

In Madden 24, players usually celebrate scoring points, whether it’s a touchdown or a field goal to extend the lead. Showing off is also part of Madden 24, and one of the most acclaimed celebrations is the Griddy dance.

This celebration is one of the most popular in the entire NFL, and it’s back in Madden 24 but not every player can perform it. Here’s everything you need to know about how to do the Griddy dance in Madden 24 and which exclusive players can perform it.

Who can perform the Griddy celebration in Madden 24?

There are only three players who can perform the Griddy celebration in Madden 24: Justin Jefferson (Minnesota Vikings), D.J. Chark (Carolina Panthers), and Ja’Marr Chase (Cincinnati Bengals).

The Griddy dance is the signature celebration of these players. That’s why it can only be performed by these Wide Receivers in the entire game.

Madden 24: How to do the Griddy dance

Once you’re playing with the Vikings, the Panthers, or the Bengals in Madden 24, score a touchdown with any of these aforementioned three players, and the celebration wheel will appear.

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At that moment, you should quickly flick the right stick to the “Signature” celebration and watch them perform the Griddy dance on the field while your kicker is setting up to make the conversion.

Now you know how to do the Griddy in Madden 24, as well as which players can perform it. For more about the new EA Sports game, check out our other related guides.

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