How to celebrate in EA FC 24: All new celebrations & inputs

Max Candelarezi
EA FC 24 Jack Grealish and Cristiano Ronaldo goal celebrations

EA FC 24 can provide players with tons of great moments, but few can beat the feeling of scoring a late match-winner and celebrating with a special pose in front of your opponent. If you haven’t explored this feature, here’s how to celebrate in EA FC 24 and a list of all new celebrations and inputs.

EA FC 24 puts a significant amount of focus on realism, which can be seen with the game’s inclusion of features like PlayStyles and Evolutions. Using tons of real-world data, EA has deeply studied and managed to replicate the traits, skills, playstyles, and signature moves of players from all over the world, and you can use them in-game.

Aside from their signature moves, football players are also known for their celebrations, which EA FC 24 has included in its expansive roster of iconic poses. You can use celebrations to taunt your opponents after scoring ridiculous or impressive goals, watching your favorite players use their real-life poses and celebratory moves.

So, let’s take a look at all new EA FC 24 celebrations and how you can perform them.

All new EA FC 24 celebrations & how to do them

Despite several gameplay changes from FIFA 23, celebrations in EA FC 24 still operate in a familiar way. Upon scoring a goal, you’ll have a moment to revel in your achievement.

This year’s additions include Alex Iwobi’s signature “Rock On” pose with a finger point, and the “All Ears” celebration pays homage to Lionel Messi‘s iconic ear-cupping celebration. Further, Toni Rudiger‘s playful “Faking It” fake injury act, and Marcus Rashford’s “Workout” gesture involving a pointed finger to the head are also included.

Regardless of whether you’re using an Xbox or PlayStation controller, the core mechanics of celebrations remain connected to the right and left sticks and triggers.

Erling Haaland in EA FC 24
EA FC 24 will be released on September 29 for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Here’s every new celebration and how to do it in EA FC 24:

Celebration nameControl input
Faking ItL2 / LT + flick R3 / RS left twice
ByeL1 / LB + R3 / RS
Rock OnL2 / LT + R3 / RS
WorkoutL2 / LT + Square / X
All EarsL1 / LB + Triangle / Y
Ronaldo’s NapX / A with Ronaldo
Griezmann’s PenguinX / A with Griezmann

Additionally, EA FC 24 brought in fresh last-minute celebrations, but these are scripted and can’t be activated through controller combinations. To witness these, all you need to do is sprint away from the goal, head toward your manager and/or the corner flag, and, of course, score a last-minute goal.

Moreover, the classic celebrations from previous iterations of the game remain unchanged. So, if you have a personal favorite from past editions, you can still perform those familiar moves.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about EA FC 24’s new celebrations including how to do them.

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