Gray Zone Warfare’s team killing problem is already getting out of hand

Nathan Warby
Gray Zone Warafre players hiding in building

Gray Zone Warfare prides itself on being an immersive extraction shooter with a focus on realism, but friendly fire is already frustrating many players who are being repeatedly killed by teammates.

Gray Zone Warfare’s faction system splits the community into three distinct sides, forcing players to battle against the other two teams to secure the best loot. However, enemies aren’t the only obstacle getting in the way, as friendly fire has also emerged as a major issue since early access began.

The game only launched on April 30, but it’s already been a frustrating time for many, after being team-killed by members of their own faction. Although punishments are in place for anybody who guns down their own team, early runs are still ending prematurely because of friendly fire, both by accident and on purpose.

GZW puts a strict focus on realism, meaning that the first step of many gunfights is determining whether or not the team you’ve spotted is a friend or foe. So, those who prefer to shoot first and ask questions later can accidentally find themselves peppering members of their own faction.

However, there are also a number of reports of players deliberately cornering teammates to kill them and steal their loot.

Reddit user ‘Consistent_Estate960‘ was among those affected, claiming the issue has “ruined the game” for them “after 1.5 hours” before going on to share their experience.

“Just finished the first 3 quests and turned them in. Went back out to do the next quests and get shot from behind down the street by a friendly. Figured it’s an honest mistake and it happens,” they explained. “Gear up go back out to do the same quests and find 2 other people. They follow me into a building and one just stares at me and shoots me in the face. What’s the point man?”

They weren’t alone, as social media has been overrun with posts ranting about friendly fire. Some felt the problem was “out of control” and others mentioned they were “considering a refund.”

Gray Zone Warfare does include the option to join PvE-only servers where fights are limited to AI opponents, but this removes a key element of the gameplay and reduces the suspense of each encounter.

Those who are reported for team killing get kicked from the servers, but it’s clear from the number of complaints that stricter punishments might be needed going forward. For example, increasing bans for repeat offenders or a vendor reputation system that impacts their access to key items.

Of course, it’s still early days for GZW and the devs plan to keep improving the game over time. We’ll have to wait and see if they look to clamp down on this issue as early access continues.