Gray Zone Warfare players demand change to “ridiculously overpowered AI”

Lucas Simons
Gray Zone Warfare players against AI

Madfinger Games’ tactical extraction shooter is giving players a run for their money, and Gray Zone Warfare fans aren’t happy with the “overpowered AI.”

While Gray Zone Warfare is still in Early Access, players are starting to provide feedback and receiving swift responses from the devs.

Now, a key element of the game, the PvE enemy AI, is giving players a hard time. The inhabitants of Lamang Island are fighting back against players in brutal ways. Reports indicate that the unforgiving AI that controls the enemy spawns, patrols, and combat is using tactics to mow down unprepared players.

PvE enthusiasts find themselves surrounded by enemies, getting caught in pincer attacks, being chased inside buildings, and being smoked out with grenades. Or simply shot in the head by a silent enemy Sniper, who leaves no traces of their presence.

“Firstly, I’ve lost all my gear and money to multiple game crashes and again to these ridiculously overpowered AI that can 180 headshot despite me being in cover or extremely far away,” an angry Gray Zone Warfare player stated.

Players also complained about enemies detecting them despite them being “hidden” amidst the bushes, or shooting them despite taking cover. “I love the game but God damn is it hard when tasking solo,” one of the players said, after narrating the hardships they suffered against enemy AI.

Still, players say that the AI from Tarkov is even more unforgiving: “I escaped from Tarkov, and can confidently tell you that the AI in GZW is much easier to deal with,” one of the fans from the extraction shooter said.

Whether GZW’s AI is brutally overpowered or not, players are still discovering many things about the game’s meta, like the best weapons, or the best attachments to mod their guns.

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