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While Football Manager 2024 lets you experience what it’s like to be a manager and handle day-to-day issues, player injuries can have a significant impact on your team’s performance. So here are the best ways to avoid injuries in Football Manager 2024.

Putting you behind the wheel of your favorite club, Football Manager 2024, tasks you with not only managing the club’s operations but also sorting out tactics, signing top talents, and much more.

But even if you are managing the best team, player injuries are inevitable and can happen to key players during crucial periods of the season. This makes it important to take all the necessary steps to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

So here are the best ways to avoid injuries in Football Manager 2024.

FM24: How to avoid injuries

To avoid injuries in Football Manager 2024, players need to manage their squad’s endurance and fitness levels in a variety of ways. While picking up knocks remains inevitable, these methods will help reduce the chances of long-term injuries. Here are the best ways to avoid injuries in Football Manager 2024:

Squad Rotation

Squad Planner menu in FM24
Rotate your squad frequently to avoid injuries to players in Football Manager 2024.

Squad Rotation is probably the easiest way to prevent injuries in FM24. This method is all about protecting important players and giving them a bit of rest whenever possible. For instance, it’s good to rest your side’s talisman before a knockout fixture or rotate some players for a cup tie against lower-division teams.

Squad Rotation becomes a bit tricky if you’re dealing with a thin squad to begin with. In this case, it’s best to prioritize and work towards your season objectives. If you’re eyeing the league title, consider dropping important players for cup ties and vice versa.

Lower training intensity

This method to avoid injuries in Football Manager 2024 is pretty hands-on. Instead of delegating training sessions to assistants, you can manually organize the schedule by assessing upcoming fixtures. If you’ve got multiple games coming up, consider lowering training intensity and adding some rest days to prevent injuries. This helps in keeping your players fresh during periods of congested fixtures and also lowers injury risks.

Hire medical staff

Medical Staff menu in FM24
Hire Sports Scientists to prevent injuries in Football Manager 2024.

Filling out your medical team is a great way to avoid injuries in FM24. Make sure to max out all the vacancies in your medical team and keep an eye out for these attributes:

  • Sports Science
  • Motivation
  • Determination
  • Discipline

Sports Scientists will advise you on injury risks while Physios deal with the healing process and rehabilitation. Naturally, it’s ideal to hire staff who rank high in both areas.

Upgrade facilities

Upgrading and improving your club’s facilities primarily helps speed up player development but it also reduces injury risks. Upgrading training facilities to at least 12 should have a positive impact on the conditions of your players. It’s also worth sending in a board request to improve the condition of your pitch.

Switch up tactics

Tactics menu in FM24
Consider changing tactics to reduce injury risks in Football Manager 2024.

This is essentially the last resort when it comes to preventing injuries in Football Manager 2024. Managers pride themselves on their tactical setup and style of play but sometimes it’s good to let your foot off the gas. If you play high-tempo football with a high line and relentless pressing, your team will obviously feel fatigued. Tired players have a greater chance of picking up injuries so consider slowing the tempo once in a while.

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