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If you have the budget in Football Manager 2024, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to Scout players. Here’s a comprehensive guide with all the details you need to consider when Scouting players in Football Manager.

Football Manager 2024 offers a wide range of new features and tools to help you turn your team into one of the most powerful squads and make your mark in the club’s history. If you have started with a small team, the best option is to work with young players, train them until they improve, and earn a place in the first team.

On the other hand, if you have started with one of the richest clubs in FM24, the best way to renew the first team is to take advantage of the large budget and sign elite players. However, signing is not as simple as it seems. First, you must carry out thorough Scouting to find the right player who meets all your requirements.

Here is how to Scout in Football Manager 2024.

Football Manager 2024: How to Scout a player

The Scouting system in Football Manager 2024 allows you to find the players you need for your squads. You can always search for a specific player through the search bar at the top of the screen. However, the Scouting system will provide you with a variety of options for the positions you are looking for.

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Scout and sign players who best fit your tactical system in Football Manager 2024.

To do this, you should go to the Scout hud in your current save of Football Manager 2024, where you will find a large information screen that displays the start date of the transfer window, the number of active Scouting assignments, the Scouting range, and the budgets for Scouting, transfers, and wages.

Choose positions

To create a Scouting focus, you should click on the “Create Recruitment Focus” option, and a window will open, displaying your team’s active tactic. Here, you can select the positions you want to reinforce for your team.

You can choose a specific position from one of your active tactics, or you can tick the box “Any Position from Tactic” and create a Scouting Focus for all 24 positions available in Football Manager 2024. We recommend using the latter option only when searching for wonderkids who might excel in the future.

Once you’ve selected the positions you desire, the second part of creating the Recruitment Focus will be enabled. You can give the Focus a name, choose the type of transfer, specify the minimum Current Ability and desired Potential Ability, and set the age range of the players you’re looking for.

Recruitment Focus hud in Football Manager 2024
This is the best Recruitment Focus for Scouting wonderkids in Football Manager 2024.

Priority levels

There are three priority levels: Maximum, Standard, and Undefined. This detail is essential because it relates to the speed of work, report delivery, and the number of Scouts required for this Recruitment Focus.

We recommend using the Standard priority most of the time, but if an important player leaves your team during the transfer window, it’s crucial to replace them quickly, and using Maximum priority could be a good choice.

Scouting areas

Finally, you can select the Scouting areas based on your scouts’ experience levels, the more extensive the Scouting area, the more it will cost the club to set up the Scouting network. You can opt for global, continental, regional, or even league-specific Scouting, such as searching for players only in the German Bundesliga.

It’s worth noting that Scouts have expertise in certain countries. For example, Sergio Agüero may not appear in FM24 as a player, but he does as a Scout, and the Argentine can Scout players in Argentina and Spain.

That’s all you need to know about Scouting in Football Manager 2024. For more information about the game, we recommend checking the following guides.

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