Football Manager 2024 Fantasy Draft mode: Formats, rules & multiplayer explained

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Football Manager 2024 offers various game modes, with Fantasy Draft being a notable one. This traditional FM24 casual game mode provides you with the opportunity to play against AI managers and other players, also you can invite a few friends to see who the best manager is.

Football Manager 2024 offers players the opportunity to create their own careers as a manager and manage their favorite teams, starting from the bottom with small lower division teams or skipping the hard road and competing in the top European leagues with leading title contenders.

Football Manager 2024 also lets them play with friends in the Fantasy Draft mode. This game mode has been present in the Football Manager franchise for many years. However, if you’re a new player, here’s everything you need to know about the Fantasy Draft mode in Football Manager 2024.

FM24: What is Fantasy Draft mode?

The Fantasy Draft is one of the traditional game modes in the Football Manager franchise. First introduced in Football Manager 2016, this game mode, which can be played online or on the local network, allows you to build a completely new squad from a pool of players.

All participating clubs take turns selecting a player from the pool until the squads are complete. Each manager will have 50 seconds to decide which player to choose. As other managers select players for their squad, those players will be blocked from your list, so you need to pay attention.

If another manager picks your chosen player, you should have a backup option in mind. Once all the squads are full, the competition begins and concludes when a champion is determined.

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Play on Fantasy Draft mode and create a squad never seen before.

How to play Fantasy Draft in Football Manager 2024

In Football Manager 2024, there are three ways to play a Fantasy Draft: Quick Start, Create a Draft, and Join Draft.

If you choose the Quick Start option, you’ll join a random Draft created by another player. When you select the Join Draft option, as the name suggests, you can join a large list of Drafts created by the community. This is the option to use if you want to play against your friends in this mode.

Finally, if you prefer to create a Fantasy Draft from scratch, you should choose the “Create Draft” option. Once selected, a window will pop up with all the possible configurations for your Fantasy Draft, including tournament format, squad budget, player pool, and advanced settings.

FM24: All Fantasy Draft formats

Football Manager 2024’s Fantasy Draft has three competition formats that vary in the number of participating clubs and, of course, the tournament format: Knockout Cup, Group Stage and Knockout, and League.

Football Manager 2024 players celebrating championship
Select a Fantasy Draft format and compete for the championship.

The Knockout Cup can be played with two to 32 teams, and you can choose to play with the two-legged ties format to add more excitement and second chances.

The Group Stage and Knockout can be played with 8, 16, or 32 teams in 2, 4, or 8 groups with a single round-robin system for the Group Stage and a Knockout stage with the option to choose between a single elimination match or the two-legged ties format.

Finally, the League option, as we know from traditional football, is a format where every team plays against all other teams, and you can choose whether the teams face each other two to five times in the season. You can also add a mid-term Draft to refresh the teams and make it more competitive. This game mode can be played with two to 20 teams.

Football Manager 2024 Fantasy Draft: Restrictions

After choosing the Football Manager 2024 Draft format and its rules, you can also add some restrictions that further reduce the number of players eligible for drafting. These restrictions can include filters based on age, position, height, preferred foot, and more. It’s worth noting that you can apply these restrictions to all Draft picks or set specific ranges, for example, the first five picks or picks 10 to 15.

Football Manager 2024 player holding shirt

The Draft will continue, turn by turn, until all teams have completed their squads. Once this is achieved, the competition will begin and will only conclude when a team is crowned the champion.

That’s all you need to know about the Fantasy Draft mode in Football Manager 2024. For more on the game, check out our other related guides.

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