Best Mobile Legends wallpapers for mobile and PC

Aakrit Sharma
Official art work for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Adventure and Bang Bang are known for their beautiful graphics, animations, and characters. We’ve compiled this list of the best Mobile Legends wallpapers for PC as well as mobile users.

With billions of downloads and millions of active players, Mobile Legends: Adventure and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have taken the franchise to new heights. From the diverse cast of characters to stunning action, there are many elements that have drawn gamers to Mobile Legends games.

It is no surprise that Mobile Legends players love some characters more than others. To feel more connected with these fictional yet intriguing characters, many gamers use them as their wallpapers.

If you’re such a player, check out these images of Mobile Legends characters that you can use as wallpapers on your mobile and PC.

Best Mobile Legends wallpapers for PC

Below, you’ll find Mobile Legends wallpapers featuring characters like Mathilda, Valir Demonlord, Rafaela, Zilong, and many others. They’ll be using the most powerful weapons in these images and your wallpaper will showcase your favorite character’s strongest form.


Mathilda from Mobile Legends

Valir Demonlord:

Valir from Mobile Legends


Rafaela from Mobile Legends

Group of Mobile Legends characters:

Group of characters from Mobile Legends

Zilong with Spear of Dragon:

Zilong from Mobile Legends

Zilong Eastern Warrior form:

Zilong from Mobile Legends with Eastern Spear


Lesley from Mobile Legends


Miya from Mobile Legends

Layla S.A.B.E.R. Breecher:

Layla from Mobile Legends

Layla Energy Gunner:

Layla in her Energy Gunner look in Mobile Legends

Alucard, the Demon Hunter:

Alucard, the Demon Hunter in Mobile Legends

Best Mobile Legends wallpapers for Mobile

Below, you’ll find the best Mobile Legends wallpapers for mobile devices. So that you can download the images directly, they’ve already been converted to 1080 x 1920 pixels.


Franco from Mobile Legends


Zilong from Mobile Legends


Dyrroth from Mobile Legends


Saber from Mobile Legends


Miya from Mobile Legends


Beatrix from Mobile Legends


Moskov from Mobile Legends


Chou from Mobile Legends

We hope this guide helped you access the best Mobile Legends wallpapers for your mobile and PC. For more content on Mobile Legends games, make sure to check out these Mobile Legends: Bang Bang codes, Mobile Legends: Adventure codes, and Mobile Legends: Adventure Heroes tier list.

Image Credits: Moonton