Best Squad Busters characters ranked: Full tier list

Aakrit Sharma
Squad Busters characters

Squad Busters has an expansive roster loaded with unique characters and here’s a tier list ranking them all from best to worst.

Squad Busters by mobile gaming giant Supercell is out globally after a successful soft launch and it has captivated tens of millions of players already. You could get pre-registration rewards to start your journey with a boost, and from then on, it is best to identify the most powerful units in the game and invest your resources into them.

So, here’s a Squad Busters tier list revealing the best characters in the game such as Witch, Archer Queen, and more.

Squad Busters tier list

In the table below, you’ll find all the characters from Squad Busters placed in different tiers. The characters placed in the S tier are the strongest while the ones in the C tier are the weakest.

TierSquad Busters Characters
SPenny, Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Witch, Tank, Hog Rider
AMax, Hog Rider, Barbarian, Colt, Barbarian, Shelly, Medic, Greg, Mavis, Mortis
BGoblin, El Primo, Bo, Trader, Heavy, Bea, Nita, Pam, Royale King, Wizard
CChicken, Dynamike, Penny

To be fair, none of the characters in Squad Busters are bad enough to be placed in the D tier and we hope this remains the case as more characters are introduced with updates. Even the C-tier units like Chicken, Dynamike, and Penny can be beneficial during the early game.

This also means that all the characters in Supercell’s newest title can be useful depending on the situation and to progress, you don’t necessarily need the meta characters. However, the characters mentioned below certainly stand out and you’ll want them in your team to reach the top of the leaderboards.

Best Squad Busters characters

Penny, Barbarian King, and Archer Queen in Squad Busters
You’ll have to Evolve characters to unlock better abilities.


Penny is easily one of the best characters in Squad Busters because she deals tons of damage while also supplying items. She can discover hidden treasures and improve their loot at higher evolution stages.

Ahead of the global launch, Penny received a health boost and she now boasts some of the most impressive stats in the game.

Barbarian King

The early meta in Squad Busters is dominated by tanks like Barbarian King and on higher ranks, almost every team you face will contain this troop. With the Barbarian King on your side, all your melee troops deal increased damage which is a very effective buff and the Super Rage Spell is perfect for clutch moments.

Archer Queen

Archer Queen is similar to the Barbarian King as she increases the attack speed of all ranged characters which is an indirect buff to their damage output. Although her HP is low, you can easily overpower opponents by being the first one to attack and releasing the exploding arrows that cannot be countered easily during a battle.

The X-Bow Spell is a game-changer too, and using it at the right moment can hand over the victory to your team.

Witch, Tank, and Hog Rider in Squad Busters.
All Squad Busters characters are inspired by units from other Supercell games.


The Witch has instantly become one of the most popular characters in Squad Busters because her ability to summon Skeletons is outright broken in the meta. Even at the baby level, these skeletons can wreak havoc when combined with the Witch’s high damage.

Despite the nerfs to the skeleton spawn rate and life span that were introduced through the May 21 update, the Witch is still a strong unit that you must use in your team. The troop doesn’t have a high fusion requirement as well, as even three Witches on your team should be enough to finish the job.


As the name suggests, Tank is a frontline character in Squad Busters who can absorb damage and pack a punch at the same time. She definitely deserves a spot on this list as having her on your team grants impeccable defense. The only thing to note is that Tank herself is a weak unit so pair her with other defensive units initially and try to get control over the tanks on the map quickly.

Tank’s ability to strengthen and operate these vehicles is as powerful as it sounds. As a result, add her to the battlefield as soon as possible and get to the middle. Tank doesn’t shoot often, but whenever she does, she deals massive burst DMG that can shred anything (PvE or PvP).

Hog Rider

Because Hog Rider in Squad Busters gets a Turbo Boost on grass and you’ll be able to apply this boost almost eternally, it is one of the best Speedsters in the game. Although the troop boasts decent damage and health, the Turbo Boost can easily change the course of the game.

The Hog Rider also gets amazing benefits from fusions such as faster Turbo recovery when going through tall grass. Overall, you can either use the character to get out of sticky situations without hassle or push toward opponents and stun them with the speed of your troops and attacks.

Now that you know about the best characters in Squad Busters, you might want to check out the creator codes to help your favorite creators. We also have similar tier lists for other Supercell titles like Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and Clash of Clans.