Best FAL build in Arena Breakout: Infinite

Lucas Simons
FAL Assault Rifle Arena Breakout: Infinite

The FAL Assault Rifle is one of the best weapons in Arena Breakout: Infinite thanks to its firepower and reliability. Here’s the best build for the FAL, including specs, ammo, loadout, and how to build.

In Arena Breakout: Infinite, the FAL Assault Rifle is ideal for both new and expert FPS players. It is one of the primary weapons with the most equilibrated specs in the game and a menace for every light-armored target.

So, here’s the best FAL build in Arena Breakout: Infinite, including specs, how to build, and the best ammo for PvP encounters.

Best FAL loadout in Arena Breakout: Infinite

The Best FAL Assault Rifle loadout in Arena Breakout: Infinite has a base FAL model with an extended barrel and a Scope mount with a PZ3 Thermal Sight, one of the best sights in the game.

Modded FAL AR in Arena Breakout: Infinite
This Modded FAL is built to be a long-range Rifle with great effective range and lethality.

This build is strong for every type of encounter, but especially effective at mid and long-range. Thanks to its Tactical Mini Blue Laser, which improves accuracy, and its Vertical Grip, which boosts Ergonomics and Hip Fire Stability, this powerful modded FAL is nearly unstoppable.

Here are the best FAL loadout specs:

  • V. Recoil Control: 58
  • H. Recoil Control: 57
  • Ergonomics: 34
  • Accuracy: 52
  • Hip Fire Stability: 66
  • Effective Range: 168 m
  • Muzzle Velocity: 820 rpm
  • Total Weight: 8.05 kg

How to assemble best FAL loadout in Arena Breakout: Infinite

You can assemble the best FAL in Arena Breakout: Infinite by using the Gunsmith and the Weapon Assembly tool and following these steps:

  1. Open the Gunsmith and select base FAL Assault Rifle, then click on ‘Start Assembling’
  2. Select the Dedicated FAL Extended barrel from the Barrel Slot.
  3. Follow up with the CASC FAL Adapter Handguard in the Handguard Slot.
  4. Follow up by inserting a 6,0” Modular Lock Rail in the Front Grip Slot.
  5. Select the Lightweight Tactical Vertical Grip for the Front Grip Slot.
  6. Install a FAL 30-Round Magazine in the Magazine Slot.
  7. Install a Multi Port Flash Suppressor in the Muzzle Slot.
  8. Install an AR- Premium Extended Tube in the Stock Slot.
  9. Next, install the FA Gen 3 Precision Rifle Stock.
  10. In the Pistol Grip Slot, insert the FAL Comfortable Rear Grip.
  11. In the frontal Tactical Accessory slot insert a Blue Mini Laser.
  12. Insert a FAL Sight Mount Receiver in the Receiver Slot.
  13. In the Scope slot, insert the PZ3 Thermal Sight.
  14. Finish the build by hitting ‘Complete Assembly.’

This build has a total price of 245454 Koen, which is a high price to pay even for perfection. After getting it, you’ll have a long-range AR that can serve as a pseudo-sniper at an effective 168 meters range.

You can also Save this build by pressing “Save as” in the lower part of the Weapon Assembly Interface.

Arena Breakout: Infinite, best FAL ammo for PvP

The best Arena Breakout: Infinite FAL ammo for PvP is the Level 6 7.62 x51mm M61 Ammo. This ammunition is sold for 1909 Koen per unit (60 rounds), and has the following stats:

Best FAL level 6 Ammo Arena Breakout Infinite
This Level 6 FAL ammo will penetrate heavy armored enemies with ease.
  • Pierce Level: 6
  • Base Damage: 65
  • Initial Bullet Velocity: 849 m/s
  • Vertical Recoil control: -7
  • Penetration: 68
  • Armor Damage: 37,4
  • Accuracy: +5
  • Horizontal Recoil Control: -7

While this ammo is expensive, it’s one of the best in the market with high Penetration specs, capable of breaking Armor Class 6-like paper. The only downside is that it greatly decreases Horizontal Recoil Control, but considering that you can delete an opponent with a couple of shots, this is a nice tradeoff.

This ammo is considerably hard to get in the market, thus keep an eye out for it each time you’re around the market, to ensure you get enough supply of this precious resource.

Now that you have the most powerful FAL Assault Rifle in Arena Breakout: Infinite, you can keep improving your chances of successful extraction, here are some other tips for you:

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