How to modify weapons in Arena Breakout: Infinite – Gunsmith, market parts, more

Lucas Simons
Arena Breakout Infinite FAL Assault Rifle

Arena Breakout: Infinite has a fully integrated weapon mod system, and here’s everything you need to know about the Gunsmith, the market parts you can buy, and more.

Arena Breakout: Infinite is a highly realistic extraction shooter that requires high specs to play, and the weapon modification system can be hard to understand at first. You’ll need to understand how the Gunsmith and Weapon Assembly works before you try any loadouts.

So, here’s how to modify weapons in Arena Breakout: Infinite, including how the Gunsmith system works, what are market parts, and more.

How to customize weapons in Arena Breakout: Infinite

To customize weapons in Arena Breakout: Infinite, you can do so from the main menu, accessing the Gunsmith and then the Weapon Assembly system, or through your inventory by modding it manually.

Weapon Assembly Arena Breakout Infinite
Weapons can be customized by the Gunsmith through the Weapon Assembly System.

You can also manually mod your weapon by right-clicking on it and selecting Modify. This will show a new interface with the weapon assembly menu.

How to use Weapon Assembly in Arena Breakout: Infinite

The Weapon Assembly system is pretty straightforward, and to use it, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Gunsmith tab from the main menu.
  2. Select the weapon you want to mod.
  3. Click in Weapon Assembly.
  4. Now select each attachment slot and the part you want to attach to it.
  5. If you have the parts available in your Storage, it will immediately attach it when selecting it.
  6. If you don’t have the parts, it will automatically purchase the cheapest part available from the market.
  7. Once you’re done modding the weapon, select ‘Complete Assembly.’

Keep in mind that this will automatically purchase any weapon you don’t have, plus the parts needed to complete the Assembly.

If you open your Storage, you can also modify weapons you already have by inspecting them and dragging and dropping parts over them. But to do that, you’ll need market parts, or mods looted from the world.

What are market parts in Arena Breakout: Infinite?

In Arena Breakout: Infinite market parts are mods available for purchase in the market, which other players have put for sale on a listing. The prices can vary according to the rarity of the part, the number of existences listed, and the amount the player has set for the item.

Most market parts can be looted from the world, but you’ll need to extract them alongside all your other items, and that can be risky. If you have money to spare from completing missions and Season Pass challenges, the safest choice is to use the Weapon Assembly system.

Finally, you can also purchase weapon parts from special offers that appear from NPC vendors. So, keep an eye out for them, you might find just the part you need for your weapon loadouts, at a reasonable price.

And that’s all you need to know about how to modify weapons in Arena Breakout: Infinite. For more information about this extraction shooter, you can check the following links:

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