Best Brawl Stars Edgar build: Star Power, Gadgets, Gears

Amitesh Dhar
Edgar in Brawl Stars

The Best Edgar build in Brawl Stars takes into account his high movement speed and the ability to deal an immense amount of damage, so here are all the Gears and Gadgets that you should use with this character.

Edgar is a Brawler of Epic rarity in Brawl Stars with a moderate health pool but a high damage output. However, unlike some of the other Brawlers in the game, Edgar is a melee hero, and does not use guns at all.

While he’s capable of dealing a lot of damage, Edgar‘s attacks don’t have a lot of range, so you will have to get really close to your enemies if you want to eliminate them.

So here’s the best Edgar build that you should be using in Brawl Stars.

Best Edgar Brawl Stars build overview

The best loadout for Edgar in Brawl Stars is as follows:

  • Gadget: Hardcore (Receive 3300 shield points that decay over time.)
  • Gear 1: Gadget Charge (Gain an additional damage charge.)
  • Gear 2: Damage (Gain 15% damage boost when below 50% health.)
  • Star Power: Fisticuffs (Gain 25% more healing for successfully striking an enemy Brawler.)
  • Hypercharge: Outburst (Edgar gains double Super recharge rate and reload speed for 5 seconds. When Outburst is active, Edgar gains 15% damage boost15% shield boost, and 24% movement speed.)

Best Edgar Gadget in Brawl Stars

Hardcore is the best Gadget for Edgar in Brawl Stars. When you use this Gadget, you gain 3300 shield which comes in handy because you need to get really close to an enemy Brawler to deal damage.

Although you receive a small amount of healing whenever you strike an enemy, having a shield will help you absorb damage when you move in for your strikes.

Best Edgar Gears in Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars, the best Gears for Edgar is as follows:

  • Gadget Charge
  • Damage

Since Hardcore is quite handy in battle, and you only have three charges, using the Gadget Charge Gear is very important, because you’ll be able to use your Gadget one extra time.

Moreover, since you need to move in close in order to strike an enemy, there’s a chance that your health might drop to 50% and below. Here’s where the Damage Gear comes into play, giving you that 15% damage bonus.

Best Edgar Star Power in Brawl Stars

While playing as Edgar, Fisticuffs should be your go-to Star Power in Brawl Stars. With this Star Power, whenever you attack an enemy, you’ll receive 25% bonus healing, which can potentially prevent you from dying in certain low-health situations.

Considering that Edgar has a high-risk high-reward playstyle, having a way to heal in the middle of combat is something that works well for the character.

How to unlock Edgar in Brawl Stars

To unlock Edgar, you will have to purchase him from the Starr Track in Brawl Stars. To unlock him, you need to spend 925 Credits or 169 Gems.

That sums up everything that you need to know about the Best Edgar build in Brawl Stars. For similar content, be sure to check out:

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