Atomic Heart FOV fix: How to change field of view

Joseph Pascoulis
atomic heart combat

Many Atomic Heart players are wondering if they can change their FOV to enhance the experience, luckily we have a fix.

Atomic Heart takes players on a journey through an alternate reality where the Soviet Union has advanced its technology to a dangerous point. AI robots have gone rogue, and it’s up to the playable character to battle it out with the AI hive mind that’s causing havoc and destruction.

The game world is detailed and filled with mystery, and as players roam the open world, you may find that the default FOV just isn’t enough for you.

Games will often have a native setting that allows players to alter their field of view. Unfortunately, Atomic Heart devs Mundfish have not provided players with this option, but there is a workaround for PC players.

Atomic Heart FOV fix

Atomic Heart players on PC can download and use a trusted third-party tool called Flawless Widescreen to change their FOV on many games including Atomic Heart.

Flawless Widescreen allows players to adjust their Atomic Heart FOV setting from the plugin, which should automatically detect Atomic Heart.

Just increase the FOV percentage ratio from the Flawless Widescreen plugin and you’re good to go. Obviously, keep in mind that a wider FOV will mean more load on your PC, so make sure you have the hardware to keep up with the increased FOV.

Hopefully, Mundfish can bring a native setting to the game so that those on console can also enjoy a wider FOV, but for now, the workaround is only for those on PC.

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Image Credits: Mundfish

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