Atomic Heart setting: Facility 3826 explained

Joseph Pascoulis
atomic heart facility 3826

For those interested in the setting for Mundfish’s Atomic Heart, here’s everything you need to know about Facility 3826.

Atomic Heart is one of 2023’s most anticipated games, boasting a detailed open world and story shrouded in secrecy. As we edge closer to release, players are eager to know more and more about the game and its intriguing story and setting.

Players aren’t only wondering whether Atomic Heart has multiplayer or microtransactions, as a lot of those interested in the first-person story experience are also interested in its peculiar setting.

Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate fictional version of the USSR in 1955, where an AI hivemind is running rampant and robots are rebelling against humans.

What is Facility 3826 in Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart’s Facility 3826 is a top-secret military base that’s been built to manufacture robots and carry out scientific experiments. Facility 3826 stands as the main setting for the game, and it’s located in the Kazakh mountains, where it spreads like a “fungal network” both under and over the ground.

The facility has many scientific complexes, laboratories, civilian infrastructure, “bizarre underground tunnels,” and even an Aero Train that allows players to travel around the facility quickly.

Scientist Dmitry Sechenov heads this secret facility and is the one behind the development of Polymer, a liquid substance that allows him to create a neural network of AI assistance robots called “Collective.”

After a “technological nightmare” thanks to the launch of “Collective 2.0,” Facility 3826 becomes a war zone in the battle between robots and humans. Players will be exploring the scientific testing grounds of Facility 3826 as Major P-3, who’s been tasked with saving the neural network and facility by Dmitry Sechenov.

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