Where to find Trail Thrashers in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

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Trail Thrashers in Fortnite

Trail Thrashers are a brand-new vehicle in Fortnite Chapter 4 that are perfect for getting around the map quickly. Here’s where to find Trail Thrashers in Fortnite and how to use them.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has finally arrived, with the Fracture live event bringing a host of new features to the battle royale. Players can now gain an advantage with Reality Augment perks, and open Oathbound chests for precious loot.

It also marks the debut of Trail Thrashers, a new dirt bike that allows players to cover plenty of ground quickly to avoid the storm and outmaneuver enemies.

There aren’t too many Trail Thrashers in each match, so here’s a guide on where to find them and how to use them.

Where to find Trail Thrashers in Fortnite

There is no guaranteed place to find a Trail Thrasher dirt bike on the Fortnite map, but there are plenty of spots to search where the odds of finding one are higher.

Gas stations and garages seem to have a much better chance of spawning a Trail Thrasher, so searching these should be your first priority. However, there is no way of predicting which ones will have a bike nearby beforehand.

They also spawn in random locations around the map, but these are much rarer and harder to come by. Sadly, the spawns change in each match, so you’ll have to search every location again every time if you have a need for speed.

These vehicles are required for a number of Quests, so be prepared to fight other players to try and claim one.

Fortnite Chapter 4 artwork

How to use Trail Thrashers in Fortnite

Once you manage to track down a dirt bike in Fortnite, all you have to do is hold the interact button to start tearing around the island. They are driven in the same way as all other vehicles but offer a few extra options that make them unique.

On top of the extra speed and mobility, Trail Thrashers can also powerslide, jump into the air, and perform tricks after launching off a ramp. Check out the controls below:

  • Jump: X / A / Space bar (Hold to Charge Up)
  • Switch seats: R3 / Right Analog Stick / Left CTRL
  • Powerslide or Trick (in the air): Circle / B / Left Shift
  • Shoot: R2 / RT / Left Click

That was everything you need to know about Trail Thrashers in Fortnite. These new dirt bikes are extremely effective, so don’t be surprised to see them dominating matches in Chapter 4 Season 1.

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Image credits: Epic Games

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