Where to find Star Wars DC-15 Blasters in Fortnite

Liam Mackay
Clone Trooper with DC-15 Blaster Rifle in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Star Wars Prequels crossover has arrived to celebrate May 4, and the update has brought the Clone Troopers’ DC-15 Blasters. Here’s where to find them in Fortnite.

Not long after Jedi Survivor‘s launch, Fortnite‘s Star Wars day event has arrived with the 24.30 update, bringing fan-favorite characters and weapons from the Prequel era. Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, Padme Amidala, and Clone Troopers have arrived along with the Find the Force Quests.

That’s not all, as lightsabers have returned with brand-new Force abilities alongside the Clone Trooper’s DC-15 Blaster Rifle. Here’s how to get your hands on the DC-15 Blaster in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

How to get DC-15 Blaster in Fortnite

Republic Chests contain several powerful items.

Fortnite’s Star Wars DC-15 Blasters can be found in Republic Chests around the Chapter 4 map. Look for the Star Wars tents around the Fortnite map and inside you’ll find a Republic Chest — you’ll find one southeast of Frenzy Fields.

These Republic Chests are similar to the Imperial Chests that could be found during the last Star Wars Day event, bearing the Republic insignia this time around. Opening them will grant the DC-15 Blaster as well as healing items, grenades, and more.

The DC-15 Blaster is described as having “high accuracy and excels at medium-to-long range combat,” so expect it to be a powerful choice during the 24.30 update.

That’s all you need to know about finding the DC-15 Blaster in Fortnite, but be sure to check our other guides:

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Image Credit: Epic Games