Fortnite Star Wars Day event 2024: Leaked Leia skin, Mandalorian rewards, more

Nathan Warby
Mandalorian loading screen in Fortnite

Leaks have revealed that Fortnite will be hosting yet another Star Wars Day crossover event in 2024. So, here’s everything we know about the Fortnite Mandolorian event so far, including the rewards featured.

Fortnite is well known for its crossovers at this point, with Guardians of the Galaxy skins and an Invincible Creative map arriving in Chapter 5 Season 2 already. One of the game’s most frequent collaborators is the Star Wars franchise, and leaks have confirmed that another event based on the popular series is arriving soon – this time focusing on The Mandalorian.

So, here’s everything we know about the Fortnite Star Wars event 2024 so far, including the rewards that have been revealed ahead of time.

Fortnite Star Wars Mandalorian event expected start date

There is no official start date for the Fortnite Star Wars event just yet, but a leak from Shiina revealed it should be sometime around Saturday, May 4, 2024. This date is known as Star Wars Day globally, so the in-game crossover will be part of this year’s celebration.

It hasn’t been confirmed how long the event will last, but these types of collaborations usually last for a couple of weeks to give players plenty of chance to see and do everything.

Fortnite Star Wars event 2024 explained

According to a leak from SamLeakss, the Star Wars Day event 2024 will take place in both Fortnite and Rocket League, bringing content to both games. From a Fortnite point of view, it will reportedly focus more on the Rocket Racing mode, but it’s expected to come with new additions in the main BR mode too.

Well-known insider iFireMonkey found files relating to a Wookie Bowcaster, that could be added to the loot pool during the event. Based on the iconic weapon wielded by Chewbacca, it is said to fire individual shots at a rapid rate, or more powerful bolt by charging it up.

It remains to be seen if Star Wars Day 2024 will also bring an Event Pass like previous crossovers, featuring both free and premium rewards. For example, 2023’s Find the Force included a Premium Track that cost 1,000 V-Bucks, with the top reward being a Darth Maul skin.

We’ll be sure to update this section with more exact details once the event has been revealed by Epic Games themselves.

Fortnite Star Wars Day event 2024 rewards

The full slate of rewards for the Star Wars Day event 2024 in Fortnite have not been announced, but leaks have hinted that it will include a new Mandalorian vehicle skin. This car will be added to both Fortnite and Rocket League, but it isn’t clear what the design will be.

Fans will know that the Mandolorian features a number of recognizable vehicles, from Din Djarin’s Razor Crest ship to the Vespa-esque hover scooters seen in Season 2. So, it’s possible that the skin could be inspired by one of these.

A recent leak by insider HYPEX has suggested that a Princess Leia skin named ‘Rebel Leia Organa‘ could also be coming to the game. As per the leak, the name has been added to the database but there’s no sign of the skin yet.

That was everything we know about the Fortnite Star Wars Day event in 2024. We’ll be updating this page with the latest announcements, so check back here for more details.

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