Where to find Kinetic Blades in Fortnite: Locations & how to use

Nathan Warby
Fortnite character holding Kinetic Blade

The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 update introduced the new Kinetic Blade melee weapon, capable of cutting away an enemy’s health in seconds. Here’s where to find Kinetic Blades in Fortnite and how to use them.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is in full swing, and players are getting to grips with all of the new additions it introduced. The update added a ton of new map locations, Quests to complete, and skins to unlock on the Battle Pass.

It also added a section of new weapons to try out, including the Kinetic Blade. This melee weapon is ideal for both taking out enemies at close-range and traversing the map quickly.

Here’s where you to find the Kinetic Blade in Fortnite, as well as how to use it once you’ve found one.

Fortnite Kinetic Blade locations

The only place you can guarantee to get a Kinetic Blade from in Fortnite is Kenjutsu Crossing. At this new POI, players can find nine different Kinetic Blades inside the main dojo every single game.

On the other hand, you could purchase one for Gold Bars from the NPC Mizuki. She can be found in the watchtower at The Citadel.

The Kinetic Blades also spawn as regular loot, and can be found on the ground or in Chests. However, the odds are much higher in the new futuristic biome in the bottom right-hand corner, so be sure to land in this area to improve your chances.

Kenjutsu Crossing in Fortnite

How to use the Kinetic Blade in Fortnite

Kinetic Blades offers two different attacks in Fortnitea basic attack (R2/RT) and a charged attack (L2/LT). The first lets players deliver a quick flurry of blows, dealing out melee damage with each hit.

Chaining three of these attacks together will knock an enemy backward, which is perfect for flinging them off buildings to inflict fall damage or sending them into the storm.

Meanwhile, the charged attack takes a few seconds to power up, before you lunge forward and unleash a deadly slash of your sword. This deals more damage than the standard attack but leaves you exposed to incoming shots for a short time.

This special skill can also be used to navigate the map quickly as you launch yourself into the air to escape the storm. Players won’t take any fall damage after using the Kinetic Blade’s charged attack, so it’s perfect for rotating to new positions or getting the drop on enemies.

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Image Credits: Epic Games