Where to buy Fortnite’s Shadow Tracker exotic pistol

Andrew Highton

Season 5 has represented some huge changes for Fortnite as the game has seen its map undergo various physical transformations. New loot has been added and a new theme is here to stay. The Shadow Tracker is one of the new changes and here’s how to get your hands on it.

Who isn’t chomping at the bit to try and wrap their fingers around the almighty trigger of an Exotic Weapon? If you’re not, then that needs to change.

These terrific weapons are very obtainable and you can only get one from trading with one of the map’s NPCs. The greedy people will only accept Gold Bars as payment however, so we’ll let you know how much you need to purchase the Shadow Tracker in Epic Games’ Fortnite.

location in fortnite chapter 5

Where is the NPC?

There are a few steps to getting your hands on the pistol. You’ll need to know where you’re headed and the process required to access it. The first major step is having the Gold Bars in the first place.

All of the Exotic Weapons cost a hefty amount of gold to exchange – 1,225 gold to be exact. So it would be unrealistic to expect to acquire one in every single game of Fortnite you play. But now that we know how much it costs, let’s go about getting it now.

Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Dirty Docks

dirty docks in fortnite season 5

Dirty Docks is where our NPC is situated. So head, roughly, to where the marker is placed to arrive at Dirty Docks.

The right warehouse

building in dirty docks in fortnite season 5

Located in the building that is perilously close to the water, you’ll see all these boxes and stacks of distinctive shelving.

Speak to Reese

reese npc in dirty docks in fortnite season 5

Our merchant is a regular NPC patrolling around the building. You’ll be able to detect them very easily as they will be accompanied by a speech bubble over their head. If you have the right amount of gold, then highlight the Shadow Tracker and buy it.

There you go. One of the game’s rare, Exotic Weapons is now in your possession. May you become proficient with it and hopefully enjoy your victory as a result.

Image credits: Epic Games