LEGO Fortnite devs buff item durability but players still aren’t happy

Aryan Singh
Characters in front of a crafting bench in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite looks to be a massive success for Epic Games with millions of players jumping into the sandbox world. While there has been no shortage of glowing reviews for the game mode, many players complained about the durability of tools and weapons. The devs have now addressed this complaint directly but players are still calling for more changes.

LEGO Fortnite landed with Chapter 5 Season 1 and established a massive player base almost immediately. The LEGO-themed survival-crafting game shares many similarities with Minecraft and features a variety of resources and tools. The objective for players is to tackle the distinct challenges offered by different biomes and build creative structures.

The community has already managed to put together some incredible stuff including planes and gliders, with the foundation for it all being raw resources. Gathering these resources can be tricky as they’re obtained through different sources, but that’s not the only complication players have faced.

The tools used to mine resources such as Pickaxes and Forest Axes suffer from low durability. When coupled with the absence of a way to repair them, gathering resources can become tedious as you’re constantly crafting tools that break apart pretty quickly. The same problem extends to LEGO Fortnite‘s weapons, and it became a bigpoint of criticism against the game.

The LEGO fortnite subreddit is filled with posts about the issue, prompting a response from the devs. They announced an improvement to item durability through a post on X saying, “Builders – we’ve heard your feedback and have buffed the max durability of all tools and weapons by +30%!”

The community welcomed the announcement with open arms but some still feel that the buff is not nearly enough. Posts calling for a way to repair items are still popping up with one user even saying, “People have already been turning away. Not playing until they do a repair bench or something.”

Another user seemingly summed up the problem by sharing their experience, “I finally had a purple pickaxe and it lasted me approximately…like 10 minutes in a cave? Maybe? So the +30% would make that a whopping 13 minutes! For being the “best” pickaxe in the game requiring obsidian you’d think it would last longer than a single cave. I feel like I’m in a constant game of catch-up, needing to mine the mats for a new pickaxe until my current one breaks then I make a new one and repeat the process”.

Despite the buff, the problem is yet to be resolved properly according to many players. It’ll be interesting to see if the devs end up providing the highly requested repair option.

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