LEGO Fortnite player praises smelting fix that simplifies resource farming

Stephanie Zucarelli
LEGO Fortnite Brite Bomber

Epic Games fixed a much-needed Utility Station in LEGO Fortnite, and players are amazed at how many villagers can craft overnight. Here’s what the community has been talking about.

LEGO Fortnite has players running around all over their randomly generated maps so they can gather precious materials to level up their villages. Luckily, they can ask their villagers to collect various resources and even craft useful items by using the Utility Stations.

After the LEGO Fortnite V28.10 update, fans noticed that villagers could finally use the “Metal Smelter,” a machine that provides Copper Bars (Rare) and Iron Bars (Epic), and were amazed by their results. “Villager on mining duty for two days just gave me 30 Copper Bars in one go- No need to mine copper or waste Brightcore (would be 60 of them) on it again!,” commented Redditor ‘Geo_gan.’

LEGO Fortnite players agreed that finally fixing smelting was by far one of the best changes in the game so far since Epic Games added more options for what a villager can do while living in your town. “I set 4 villagers to smelting metal and they all give 30 bars when I log on each day, so 120 bars a day, which means I now have way more than I needed,” said user ‘Vyper248.’

While some villagers are specialized in certain tasks, users were amazed by the overflowing production of Copper Bars after the update, and they admit to being glad that they don’t have to use difficult-to-find materials to get them anymore. However, they pointed out that villagers don’t seem to produce materials such as Iron and Ruby and wished to be able to tell them exactly what to work on instead of getting random items.

“Yeah, it’s stupid when you have multiple working on food, and one of them gives you a Pizza, Pies, and Bread, while the other one gives you a single Raspberry,” explained the OP.

For players that don’t want to wait for Epic Games to give them this option, Redditor ‘KikoFleece’ had a drastic solution: “Just destroy your grill and juicer, and you’ll only get Pizzas, Pies, and Bread. I have a chest with the juicer materials in it, so I can make it whenever I need to re-up on Snowberry Shakes, and then I dismantle and put it away when I’m done,” they explained.

And that’s why LEGO Fortnite players are praising the game’s latest update. If you want to know more about Fortnite’s survival game mode, you can check how to get Launch Pads to move around your world, or the latest LEGO Fortnite collaboration with Ali-A.

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