Fortnite players discover “game-breaking” bug that grants them unlimited flight

Aryan Singh
Wings of Icarus in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 lets players fly around the map using the Wings of Icarus for a limited time. However, one player has discovered a “game-breaking bug” that allowed them to fly around without any restrictions.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 added a ton of new content to the popular Battle Royale title. Borrowing from Greek mythology, Epic introduced some new POIs to the Island paired with a stacked Battle Pass. Among the skins on offer are the likes of Aphrodite, Medusa, Poseidon, and many more.

The Island now hosts four epic boss fights against the likes of Zeus and Cerebeus, and of course, players can wield supernatural powers by using items inspired by the mythic source material. This includes the Thunderbolt of Zeus, which lets players unleash bolts of electricity onto their enemies, resulting in some cinematic battles.

Another new item that can be found on the map is the Wings of Icarus. As given away by the name, this utility allows players to take flight and soar through the air, albeit for a limited time. They can also slam down onto the ground from a height to rattle enemies, or even flap the wings for a quick speed boost.

Fortnite Wings of Icarus
Wings of Icarus arrived with Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

The Wings of Icarus can be used in a variety of situations, and the item is certainly ideal for traversing the Island. However, the utility isn’t without its problems, with an example being the strange aim lock-on that can make it easy for players to be gunned down while flying.

Another issue attached to the wings recently emerged on the Fortnite subreddit. It came to light through a post by user ‘ovoKOS7,’ who stated that there’s a “game-breaking bug with the wings right now.” The OP shared a small clip showing off the bug, which appeared to trigger right after they dive-bombed on the edge of a hill.

Instead of landing firmly on the ground, they found their character to be stuck in a strange animation. The animation allowed them to hover around in multiple directions without using the wings in any capacity. They were also able to fire weapons, and the bug even earned them a kill.

The OP provided more context to the clip saying, “Pretty sure I could’ve kept flying like that for the remainder of the game too if I kept flying instead of landing.”

They also shared how much directional control they had while flying, “I didn’t experiment with it as I wanted to get rid of the bug ASAP but it felt like you could just go in any direction when pressing forward, and holding jump would make you gain elevation, kind of like LEGO Creative’s free flight.”

Users in the comments were amazed by the bug, and some felt that the wings could be going away soon, “Second time this has been posted – Wings will be vaulted very, very soon.” Others found the bug comparable to Fortnite hacks, “Very glad I saw this. If it happens to me, I’ll know it ain’t bulls*** cheaters.”

It’s unclear whether the bug can be recreated by following in the OP’s footsteps. But there’s no doubt that the “game-breaking” issue needs to be fixed by the devs.

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