Fortnite players call out “useless” Combat Caches in Chapter 5

Stephanie Zucarelli
Fortnite Combat Cache

Fortnite fans claim that Combat Caches need an urgent buff and that Supply Drops, which were vaulted in Chapter 5 Season 1, would be better suited for the current meta.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is in full swing, and fans have already got a moment to test out the new game modes, the train heist, and the controversial Weapon Benches. However, there’s a minor detail that has gone unnoticed until now, but players are claiming it to be “lackluster” in the current meta: Combat Caches.

Combat Caches are containers that spawn in random areas of the map, and it has a visible beacon that signals the rarity of the items they contain. Players are encouraged to get to them fast and to equip themselves with Legendary, Epic, and Rare weapons.

After being vaulted in Chapter 4 Season OG, the latest update reintroduced them to the fresh map. But players are pointing out that their drop has lost value. “In Chapter 4, they used to be worth it despite the risk, but now they just seem like death trap more than anything,” claimed Redditor ‘Druvande’ in its post called “Combat Caches are so useless now.”

Fortnite players agreed that unless a user just got rebooted or needs an entire new loadout to keep playing, Combat Caches are unnecessary and could expose players to the many OP snipers in the current meta.

“100% they need a major buff. They were a big part of my strategy before in solo Zero Build. Now I don’t even pay attention,” said Redditor ‘Absolutist-Maybe-8.’

Other fans asked Fortnite to switch Combat Caches with Supply Drops, which function similarly to Combat Caches, but they spawned in randomized locations within The Storm circle, and they dropped from the sky attached to a balloon.

“They ruined Combat Caches pretty bad. I don’t understand why they got rid of the mechanic where they started at gold and went down in rarity over time. That at least encouraged people to move to them to fight. At this point, give us Supply Drops back (they are the better option anyway) because they are much more fun and really feel like FN,” commented Redditor ‘BillyBullets.’

While Epic Games haven’t made any official announcement of what features could be unvaulted in the next seasons, we’ll keep you updated for any news. If you want to know more about Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, you can check why players are begging to bring back Upgrade Benches or how to complete Week 5 challenges.

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