Is LEGO Fortnite permanent?

Nathan Warby
LEGO Fortnite characters in a line

Epic Games surprised the Fortnite community by dropping a Minecraft-inspired LEGO mode in Chapter 5 Season 1, and fans are wondering if the playlist is sticking around long-term. Here’s everything we know about whether the Fortnite LEGO is permanent.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is in full swing, bringing a fresh map for players to explore along with new features like weapon mods and Society Medallions. But Epic Games doubled down and released another brand-new mode in collaboration with LEGO.

The LEGO Fortnite mode drops fans onto an island and forces them to craft, build, and fight to succeed, just like the popular survival game Minecraft. It’s quickly become an unexpected hit with the community and many are hoping it will be a long-term addition to the game.

So, is LEGO Fortnite a permanent mode? Here’s everything we know.

Is LEGO Fortnite a permanent mode?

Yes, LEGO Fortnite is permanent, so there’s no need to worry about the mode being removed in a future update. While some LTMs only stick around for a season or two, the LEGO survival playlist acts more like a standalone game within Fortnite.

The devs have also revealed that they will be supporting the mode with new content, so it’s set to evolve over time. In the blog post revealing the mode, they said: “This is only the beginning of the adventure, so please stay tuned for exciting updates coming in the future.”

lego fortnite artwork
LEGO Fortnite is heavily inspired by Minecraft.

This isn’t the first time that Epic Games have brought an entirely new way of playing to Fortnite. Back in Chapter X, Zero Build was initially added as a temporary playlist but soon became permanent when the demand grew strong enough.

Chapter 5 also introduced the Rocket Racing mode in collaboration with Rocket League, adding a fully-fledged racing experience to the game. Between these new arrivals and the already popular battle royale and Creative modes, there are more options than ever before in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

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