Fortnite leaks claim Pirates of the Caribbean crossover coming in the future

Amitesh Dhar
Agent Jones in Fortnite.

A Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration could be on the cards. For those interested, here’s everything we know, including the leaks.

Disney and Epic Games have been collaborating for a while now. Many IPs owned by the organization have found their way to the popular battle royale over the past few seasons.

As revealed in the Xboxera podcast, the two companies are participating in a new collaboration where Pirates of the Caribbean-related cosmetics will make their way to Fortnite.

If the collaboration does indeed happen, then Jack Sparrow-themed cosmetics will be a part of Fortnite. Although there’s no concrete proof yet, information revealed on the Xboxera podcast has come true in the past. The Doom Slayer Fortnite collaboration is a prime example of this.

There is no timeline for the Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration yet. Assuming that it’s still in development, it should be here sometime towards the end of this year.

That said, apart from the Jack Sparrow cosmetics, Davy Jones and Elizabeth Turner could also make their way to Fortnite as skins. Not only that, the Black Pearl could be made into a seasonal POI, quite similar to the Daily Bugle from Chapter 3.

Given how popular Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean are, many players are likely to purchase these items. Epic Games could also see increased sales of their seasonal Battle Pass, should they include these skins in one of the tiers.

Based on their current trend, it’s somewhat likely that the Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration skins will be set in the Fortnite Battle Pass itself. Epic Games has been doing that off late with all their major collaborations like Family Guy and Metal Gear Solid.

These are still rumors for now. However, if these rumors are indeed true, then more information about the collaboration should be available in the next few months.

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