Fortnite leak hints at potential Family Guy crossover

Hamza Khalid
Peter Griffin in Fortnite

One Fortnite data miner was able to uncover a hidden texture within the game files, and it has led to speculation about a potential Family Guy crossover before the end of Season 5.

Epic Games have introduced a plethora of different crossovers during Fortnite Season 5, with content from God of WarThe Flash, and Predator making its way to the battle royale. Street Fighter was the latest crossover, but Epic aren’t stopping there.

At this point, a new crossover being announced isn’t a big surprise anymore, as we wonder which franchise will be joining the game next. Now, some new leaks are suggesting that Peter Griffin from Family Guy will be the newest addition to Fortnite Island.

Peter Griffin in Family Guy

Is Peter Griffin coming to Fortnite?

This leak came from Fortnite a data miner named GMatrixGames, who uncovered a strange texture when looking through the battle royale’s game files. It seems to be a back bling texture linked to the codename ‘FrenchFry.’

The first letter in a codename tends to match the first name of the character to whom the skin belongs. The data miner was also able to find an entire reel of clips from Family Guy, including shots of Peter fighting Ernie the Giant Chicken and dancing. 

This could either be a hint at the next major crossover that Epic Games have planned, or it could just be a placeholder for something else that they’ll introduce in a future update.

Regardless, it’s interesting that looking through Fortnite’s files has uncovered hidden Family Guy content within them. It’s a peculiar find, so it’s hard to believe that this might just be a big coincidence or bait.

We might see Peter Griffin battle it out with Ernie the Giant Chicken on Fortnite island if we’re lucky. They might even get other characters from the show to pop up in the battle royale. At the moment, this rumor has its share of skeptics.

Since none of this has been confirmed by the devs, we’ll have to hold out for some more information before we know for sure if this crossover is really happening. Once we learn more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Image Credits: Epic Games/ 21st Century Fox

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