Fortnite x Family Guy crossover leaked details: Peter Griffin skin, release date rumors, more

Joseph Pascoulis
fortnite peter griffin leaked family guy collab

Fortnite leaks suggest a collaboration with the extremely popular animated adult comedy show, Family Guy. Here are all the details we know so far about the leaked Fortnite x Family Guy collaboration.

Epic Games has a reputation for bringing crazy collaborations to Fortnite that keep the game in the mix of popular culture.

From popular anime shows such as My Hero Academia to NBA superstars such as Giannis Antentonkuompo, Fortnite seems to have a collaboration for everyone and it’s not slowing down in Chapter 4.

Fortnite’s Rick and Morty skins went down extremely well, and according to leaks, it’s time for another popular animated show to get a collaboration with the free-to-play title.

Family Guy stands as one of the most popular and recognizable animated comedy shows of all time, and it seems the Griffins will be making their way to the battle royale soon according to renowned Fortnite leakers.

Fortnite x Family Guy collab leaked

Leaker Shiina, who credits FNAssist and GMatrixGames, has reported that Epic Games are working on a male skin codenamed “French Fry,” which is believed to be associated with Family Guy and could potentially be a Peter Griffin skin.

One of the main reasons this is being associated with Family Guy is due to the Unreal Engine leak back in April 2022, which revealed a variety of Fortnite collaborations.

The Fortnite UE leaks included collabs that have since come to light, such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The only remaining collab from this leak that is yet to be released is for Family Guy, hence the speculation.

With all that said, it seems a Family Guy collab will indeed be arriving in the future, but how soon can players expect the crossover?

When is the Fortnite x Family Guy crossover?

In the comments of Shiina’s Twitter post, in response to a user who says that the collab is “never happening,” Shiina sarcastically responds with a gif of Peter Griffin dancing and a comment that says “you on march 11.”

This would suggest that the leaker believes that the Fortnite x Family collab will be dropping on March 11, 2023. However, this is not official, so take this with a grain of salt.

As more news and official details are released about the Fortnite x Family Guy crossover, we’ll be sure to update this piece so stay tuned.

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Image Credits: Epic Games / Disney