Fortnite 25.20 update patch notes: Futurama crossover, Mammoth Pistol, more

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 characters on hill

After weeks of waiting, the Fortnite 25.20 update is here to bring some long-awaited content to Chapter 4 Season 3, including a Futurama crossover. Here are the full patch notes for the Fortnite 25.20 update.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 got off to a strong start, bringing a brand-new Battle Pass complete with a Transformers crossover. This was followed up shortly after with the Summer Escape event, which added even more Quests to complete and rewards to unlock.

But the content has dried up in recent weeks after Epic Games staff went on a two-week break, leaving players desperate for the next patch. Luckily, the Fortnite 25.20 update has arrived to keep them occupied until Season 4.

Here are the complete Fortnite 25.20 patch notes, including everything featured in the update.

Fortnite 25.20 brings Futurama crossover

Fortnite is well known for its collaborations with popular franchises, and the 25.20 update brings Futurama to the island for the first time. Players can get hold of Bender, Fry, and Leela skins by purchasing them from the store.

Each character also comes with their own unique Pickaxes and cosmetics, including a Ben Rodriquez Back Bling for Bender.

Fortnite 25.20 update brings new Mammoth Pistol

The Fortnite 25.20 update has thrown a brand-new weapon into the mix, as the Mammoth Pistol makes its debut. Players first spotted the handgun in the Chapter 4 Season 3 key art, but it has been missing from the game ever since.

Now, it finally arrives in-game and can be used to deal serious damage to enemies. The Mammoth Pistol is a single-shot weapon that makes up for the small ammo capacity by packing a real punch.

Kinetic Boomerang unvaulted in Fortnite 25.20

The Fortnite 25.20 update also marks the long-awaited return of the Kinetic Boomerang. The unique weapon was one of the major additions in Chapter 4 Season 3, but was removed on June 29 after players were running into issues.

Following the 25.20 patch going live, players will be able to find the Kinetic Boomerang once again, both as ground loot and in Chests.

Kinetic Boomerang gameplay in Fortnite
The Kinetic Boomerang has been unvaulted in the 25.20 update.

Fortnite 25.20 update patch notes

Check out the full Fortnite 25.20 update patch notes below, as shared by Epic Games:

Don’t let the Island’s ancient center stop you from embracing the future: Bender, Fry, and Leela Outfits crash in from New New York! Not only are these three Outfits available now in the Item Shop, but players can also find Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun in battle.

Bender, Fry, and Leela Outfits

Three new Outfits (and matching accessories) are available now in the Item Shop:

Bender Bending Rodríguez Outfit and Accessories

The Bender Bending Rodríguez Outfit includes the Universe 1 Bender alt Style and the Ben Rodríguez Back Bling. The Unbendable Girder Pickaxe is available in the Shop too!

Philip J. Fry Outfit and Accessories

This Outfit includes the Universe 1 Fry alt Style and Hypnotoad Back Bling. Also available in the Shop, harvest with the Giant Nutcracker Pickaxe.

Turanga Leela Outfit and Accessories

The Turanga Leela Outfit includes the Universe 1 Leela alt Style and Nibbler Back Bling. The Solid Gold Fiddle Pickaxe is also available in the Shop!

Planet Express Ship Glider and Zoidberg Scuttle Emote

There are more accessories to pair with the Outfits! Check out the Planet Express Ship Glider and Zoidberg Scuttle Emote in the Item Shop. 

Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun

On the Island ‘til v25.30, Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun can be found from the ground, or from Bender himself if you have the Bars. Fire an infinite supply of plasma with this weapon — but be careful because it’ll overheat and need to cool down if you fire too much at once!

More in v25.20: Mammoth Pistol

Like an ancient beast, the new Mammoth Pistol is big and powerful and at home in the Wilds. It’s a large-caliber, single-shot pistol that uses heavy ammo, meaning it’ll deliver a crushing blow if you land a shot!

Fortnite Mammoth Pistol

Mammoth Pistols can be found not only in the Wilds but across the whole Island. Get one from the ground, Chests, Holo-Chests, or a flying drone.

Augment Your Pistol Game

Timely for the Mammoth Pistol’s unleashing, v25.20 brings the Pistol Recycle Reality Augment! Activate this new Reality Augment and your Pistol shots will have a chance to cost 0 ammo. 

Fortnite Pistol Recycle Reality Augment

Save your ammo!

Alongside Pistol Recycle, the Desperate Reload Reality Augment has been unvaulted! With this Reality Augment, your Pistols will reload faster when reloaded with an empty clip.

More Hope with a Scope

In addition to the Pistol-related Reality Augments, Scoped Salvo makes its debut in v25.20! Activate Scoped Salvo for your scoped weapons to have increased damage (but a decreased fire rate).

Fortnite Scoped Salvo Reality Augment

Lever Action Shotgun Unvaulted

Turn the battle back to your direction with the Lever Action Shotgun! This unvaulted weapon can be found from the ground, regular and Rare Chests, Holo-Chests, a flying drone, or claiming a POI.

Fortnite Lever Action Shotgun

To accommodate the return of the Lever Action Shotgun, the Maven Auto Shotgun is now currently only obtainable from Characters.

Flare Gun Note

Note: When the Firework Flare Gun was vaulted at the end of Summer Escape, the regular Flare Gun stayed vaulted. The Flare Gun remains vaulted in v25.20.

Competitive Notes

  • Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun is not included in tournaments.

There you have it! That was everything included in the Fortnite 25.20 update. For more on Fortnite, take a look at our other guides:

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