How to complete Fortnite Summer Escape Quests: All rewards

Nathan Warby
Fortnite Summer Escape 2023

The Fortnite Summer Escape event has arrived, offering players a host of free rewards to unlock. Here’s how to complete every Fortnite Summer Escape Quest and all of the rewards you can get.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 is in full swing, and players have already been treated to plenty of updates and new crossovers, such as Yennefer and Ciri from The Witcher series. Now, the Summer Escape event is live, giving fans even more content to tackle.

The Fortnite summer event is always a major date on the game’s calendar as Epic Games provide a ton of free rewards to unlock. This year’s version is no different, as players can unlock summer-themed Back Blings, Emotes, and more by ticking off a series of Quests.

Here’s how to complete every Fortnite Summer Escape Quest and all of the rewards on offer.

All Fortnite Summer Escape Quests & rewards

Fortnite Summer Escape Treezy reward
Fortnite Summer Escape brings free cosmetic rewards to unlock.

When Fortnite Summer Escape launched on July 4, 2023, the devs only released the first batch of Quests for players to complete. The event is set to run until July 18, with new objectives being released regularly.

Some require players to tick off certain activities in a match, while a bonus tracks the total number of Quests completed. Here are all of the Fortnite Summer Escape Quests and rewards so far:

The Quench Quests

Gain Shields (200)30,000 XP
Collect an apple, banana and coconut (3)30,000 XP
Report back to Purradise MeowsclesNanners Wrap
Damage opponents within 45s of getting out of the water after swimming (100)30,000 XP
Swim distance at Sunswoon Lagoon (75)30,000 XP
Eat ice cream cones (5)30,000 XP
Break slap barrels or slurp barrels (10)30,000 XP
Eliminate an opponent under the effects of Frozen or Spicy Ice Cream Cone (1)30,000 XP
Restore Health (200)30,000 XP
Search chests (7)30,000 XP
Sprint while under the effects of slap (200)30,000 XP
Collect rare or better weapons (3)30,000 XP

Lagoon Party Time Quests

Deal damage to wildlife (50)30,000 XP
Collect fish from fishing spots in a single match (3)30,000 XP
Outlast players (200)30,000 XP
Pet tamed wolves or boars in different matches (2)30,000 XP
Reveal opponents with Flare Gun or Firework Flare Gun (7)30,000 XP
Eliminate opponents (7)30,000 XP
Destroy stones (10)Artifact Axe Pickaxe
Ride wildlife to Sunswoon Lagoon (1)30,000 XP
Light a campfire (1)30,000 XP
Emote by a lit campfire (1)Treezy Back Bling
Collect fireflies (4)30,000 XP
Light campfires in different matches (3)30,000 XP

Make An Entrance Quests

Use a launchpad at Sunswoon Lagoon (1)
Travel distance while gliding (100)Blossom Drop Contrail
Damage opponents while sliding or crouching (200)30,000 XP
Destroy objects while driving a vehicle (40)30,000 XP
Mantle within 30s of busting through a door (1)Starry Sea Wrap
Damage opponents from above (200)30,000 XP
Swim distance within 5s after bouncing on an umbrella or tires (1)30,000 XP
Slide distance at Sunswoon Lagoon (50)30,000 XP
Damage opponents with explosive weapons (150)30,000 XP
Fly 100 meters in the air in a vehicle (100)30,000 XP
Destroy structures (30)30,000 XP

Keep in mind that some of these Quests become active after you complete others, so don’t try to clear them until you see them in the game.

14 Days of Summer Bonus Quests

Complete Summer Escape Quests (14)Wild Fronts Back Bling
Complete Summer Escape Quests (18)Bugsy Glider
Complete Summer Escape Quests (24)Toasted Coconut Emote / Lagoon Escape Loading Screen

That was everything you need to know to complete Fortnite Summer Escape Quests. We’ll be updating this page regularly with the newest objectives and rewards when they are added to the game, so check back here for the latest information.

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