Fortnite’s “worst quest ever” is forcing enemy players to team up

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite Magneto Gloves

Fortnite players are being forced to come up with creative solutions to complete one of the new Magneto quests.

Whenever Epic Games adds a new item to Fortnite, they usually add a quest associated with it, and the same holds true for the Magneto Gloves quest. Whenever you use this weapon, it creates a small wall of metallic sheets that can block incoming attacks.

While the quest pushes you to use the item even more in combat, completing the quest can be slightly tedious, and as ‘LostfromLight’ shared on Reddit, it’s being dubbed as the “worst quest ever.”

However, players have found creative ways to complete this challenge in Fortnite, with some even suggesting that the quest progresses even if you block friendly fire.

A player said, “Friendly fire counts too, just do it with a friend,” while another added, “I did it with NPC, does the job too.” There were others who offered their help to those who couldn’t complete the challenge in the game.

However, this quest has also caused strange alliances to arise, as a player posted a video on a different thread, of them and an enemy player helping each other with the quest. Responding to the video, a player asked how to communicate with the enemy, and loopers poured in with suggestions of their own.

A player said, “Crouch, taunt then hold the shield out,” while another responded with, “The hug emote works.” While Epic Games has tried in the past to discourage teaming up in solo modes, players keep finding new ways to group up with the enemy to complete the different challenges that the game has to offer.

Amidst all the toxicity, Fortnite players claimed that such acts of positivity were required in the game, because these interactions are what makes the game fun.

While you’re out there completing the Magneto Gloves challenge, here’s what you need to do to get the Magneto Skin as you hunt down the Wanderer on the island.

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