All 40 NPC locations in Fortnite Season 5

Liam Mackay

Fortnite Season 5 is full of characters you can find and interact with, so a Twitter user has put together a list of all 40 NPCs and their locations.

Fortnite has set players the task of meeting all 40 NPCs on Chapter 2’s Season 5 map. You can interact with all of the characters you discover. By speaking to them, they offer challenges, bounties, or even sell you a weapon.

Or, you can choose to attack them and take their gear. The Mandalorian is probably the only NPC worth attacking, as he drops his Mythic rifle and jetpack.

To complete the collection of characters, you need to find all 40. This can be tricky, as Fortnite gives you no indication where they might be. Twitter user meetlootlama has completed the difficult task of discovering almost every character and their location.

Most NPCs can be found near POIs, such as Craggy Cliffs and Dirty Docks. Land in these POIs and have a look around, and you should be able to see their chat icon through walls.

Others are found in smaller landmarks around the map; Crashed Cargo to the East of Sweaty Sands, for example.

Not every single NPC location is listed on this map, but there are enough to complete your collection.

Some characters are known to move around the map. Blaze, Doggo, Burnout, and Kyle have at least two possible spawns. If Blaze isn’t on the island to the North-East of Stealthy Stronghold, they can be found at the Timber Tent South of Sweaty Sands.

Bigfoot, like he is in real folklore, is extremely difficult to find. Players have reported seeing him in Weeping Woods but expect him to be elusive.

Be strategic while working your way through the map made by meetlootlama, and you’ll be able to complete the collection of characters in only a handful of games.