Fortnite dev teases GI Joe crossover for Season 5

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gi joe fortnite season 5

Fortnite fans have already been treated to a smorgasbord of Hollywood and gaming royalty in Fortnite Season 5. A recent Tweet from an Epic Games dev has suggested that this shows no signs of slowing with G.I Joe possibly next in line.

The Season of the bounty hunter has proven to be fruitful for Fortnite Season 5 with the game featuring a whole host of surprising and unexpected names. It was difficult to see how the tyranny of Galactus and the fight of the superheroes could be topped, but Epic Games has found a way to outdo themselves.

This season we’ve seen the likes of Kratos, The Terminator, Predator, and there are even more possible leaks with everyone’s favorite fighting heroine Lara Croft rumored too. But now one of the world’s favorite action hero teams could be inbound.

gi joe cast

Donald Mustard – Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games – recently posted a Tweet that appeared to drop several hints towards the inclusion of G.I Joe in Fortnite.

The first clue that fans picked up on was the comic that he appears to be reading. One perceptive person was able to identify the drawings and frames from the comic book and confirm that they are from G.I Joe 21 – The Silent Issue!

Our next hint can be found on Donald’s arm as he bears a tattoo that clearly replicates the Arashikage Clan logo. They are a Japanese Ninja clan that can be found in the G.I Joe universe. Also, Donald Mustard has even changed his location to “Arashikage Clan” as well.

Arashikage Clan logo from G.I Joe

The third and final point that seems to substantiate the G.I Joe rumor is that Fortnite has posted a Reality Log with the Target Description: Ninja Master. This once again seems to refer to the Arashikage clan.

Furthermore, “Knowing is half the battle” is a direct G.I Joe reference.

Either the Fortnite dev has suddenly been overcome by G.I Joe nostalgia or this all points to G.I Joe arriving in Fortnite at some point.

Despite the official Reality Log, we will have to wait until it’s officially confirmed by Epic Games, and will obviously treat this as a rumor for the time being.

Image credits: Epic Games, Donald Mustard, HASBRO

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