Fortnite will nerf “pay-to-win” superhero skin in next update

Liam Mackay
fortnite all-black superhero skin

A leaker has confirmed that players will no longer be able to make Fortnite’s superhero skin completely black or white after the v15.30 update, removing its “pay-to-win” feature.

Fortnite players have long been complaining about the “pay-to-win” superhero skin in Fortnite. This skin aims to be completely customizable, where you choose its color scheme and logos.

Some players have been taking advantage of its color-changing capabilities and using it to be completely black, concealing them in the darkest corners of Fortnite Chapter 2’s island.

The problem is especially prominent for console players, where they are unable to disable shadows, so can only hope a player isn’t hiding in the shadows. To make matters worse, not everyone has access to the skin as it must be purchased, so players are calling it “pay-to-win.”

A leaker has revealed that they will be making a significant change to Fortnite’s superhero skin.

Fortnite will remove all-black superhero skin

After fan backlash, Epic Games confirmed on January 8 they will be fixing this issue. In a Reddit thread regarding the skin, Epic Games employee, u/gstaffEpic, said they’re looking at it and thanked everyone for raising the issue.

Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR revealed on January 28 what this fix will entail.

“Starting in v15.30, you can no longer make your Superhero skins completely black or white,” said the leaker. “If you’re longer satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund after the v15.30 has been released.”

Players also complained that the all-white variant would hide crosshairs, but removing the black color will be the most significant change.

Fortnite superhero skin

Rather than scrapping the skin entirely, they have made adjustments to stop players from abusing the broken color scheme. They have done this in the past, changing the color of the green Plastic Patroller to stop the skin from blending in with grassy environments.

Epic seems to understand why so many people have bought this skin and will be offering refunds after the removal of this feature. It’s unlikely it’ll cost a ticket to refund this skin, as Epic have made a significant change to it.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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