What is Final Fantasy 16 Arcade Mode?

Luca Di Marzo
Final Fantasy 16 Clive

Square Enix is leaving no stone unturned as they expand the ambitious project that is Final Fantasy 16. Arcade Mode stands as a crucial cog in this intricate JRPG mechanism, drawing inspiration from Devil May Cry. Let’s dive into the details of this innovative new mode.

Square Enix’s perspective has transformed in recent times, and this shift is evident in the departure from the traditional turn-based combat mechanics in Final Fantasy 16. The 16th installment witnesses an evolution, adopting the real-time action combat style prominent in its predecessor, Final Fantasy 15.

The new Arcade Mode, a novel concept within the franchise, is modeled after the iconic hack ‘n’ slash Devil May Cry series. Designed to inject an additional level of replay value into the already expansive game, we’re going to unpack everything there is to know about this intriguing addition to FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 Arcade Mode explained

Final Fantasy 16’s Arcade Mode is a gameplay mode that measures and rewards players based on their performance quality and efficiency during a specific level. Players are rated with a score after each engagement, pushing them to strive for the highest level score.

This mode takes a page out of the Devil May Cry playbook, where characters like Dante are assessed post every combat situation.

With Arcade Mode, players can revisit various stages of the main game in pursuit of topping their best scores. Adding a competitive edge, there will also be online leaderboards, allowing players to pit their skills against others worldwide.

Final Fantasy 16 Clive key art
Players will experience the FF16 journey through Clive.

How to unlock Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy 16

While the exact process to unlock Arcade Mode in FF16 hasn’t been officially confirmed, it seems likely that completion of the main game will be a prerequisite.

After concluding the main game and gaining access to the New Game Plus feature, players can anticipate the option to delve into the Arcade Mode.

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