Final Fantasy 16: How to get Flametongue Sword

Nathan Warby
Clive fighting in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 is full of powerful weapons, and the Flametongue Sword is perfect for slaying the many dangerous beats roaming Valisthea. Here’s how to get the Flametongue Sword in Final Fantasy XVI.

While the epic story and memorable characters go a long way in making Final Fantasy 16 one of the most adored games of 2023, the combat is where it really shines. Clive is armed with a host of abilities to help him survive against the many enemies found across Valisthea.

But if you’re going to make it through the tougher battles found in the main story or in the dozens of side quests, you’re going to need the best weapons. Luckily, the Flametongue Sword is a powerful weapon that can make those mid to late-game fights much easier.

Here’s how to get the Flametongue Sword in Final Fantasy XVI.

How to unlock Flametongue Sword in Final Fantasy XVI

The Flametongue Sword can be crafted at The Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16, once players have completed The Crystal’s Curse quest as part of the main story. Once the 22nd installment of the campaign is done, the weapon becomes available from Blackthorne in Cid’s home base.

However, you’ll need a few resources before the blacksmith can offer you the sword. Check out everything you need to unlock the Flametongue Sword in Final Fantasy XVI:

  • Stormcry x1
  • Fire Shard x1
  • Meteorite x1
Final Fantasy 16 Clive using sword
Clive has dozens of weapons to choose from in Final Fantasy 16.

While Clive’s starter sword will carry players so far in the story, the 180 base damage offered by the Flametongue Sword makes it much more effective against enemies with larger health bars. It also deals fire damage, which is useful against foes that wield ice elements.

Luckily, this deadly sword is available fairly early in the campaign and is much easier to get hold of than some of the top-tier weapons, so it’s a great option to steer players through toward the endgame.

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