EA FC Mobile Locker Room: How to customize your team & players

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EA Sports have released the first Deep Dive for EA FC Mobile, which covers all the customization options in your team’s Locker Room. Here, we will break down everything you need to know about customizing your players and team in EA FC Mobile.

EA FC Mobile will hit mobile stores on September 16, 2023. That’s why EA Sports have started unveiling each of the new features and changes that will arrive with the new Football mobile game.

In this first Deep Dive, the dev team have revealed all the details on how to customize your players through the Locker Room, from changing jersey numbers to adjustments in their appearance, as well as customizing your team’s logo.

While we await any new EA FC Mobile announcements, this guide has everything you need to know about EA FC Mobile‘s Locker Room, including how to customize your players’ appearance and more.

Player customization in EA FC Mobile Locker Room

Change kit numbers

One of the features available in EA FC Mobile is the customization of jersey numbers for your players. You can change the numbers for both the starting players and those on the bench.

Erling Haaland in EA FC Mobile
In EA FC Mobile you can customize all your kit numbers through the Locker Room.

Change your players’ appearance

In the Appearance section of the EA FC Mobile Locker Room, you can adjust five different parts of your players’ appearance: Sleeve length, kit tightness, kit tuck, socks, and boots.

  • Kit sleeve length:
    • Short
    • Long
  • Kit tightness:
    • Normal fit
    • Tight fit
  • Kit tuck:
    • Tucked in
    • Untucked
  • Socks:
    • Short
    • Average
    • High
  • Boots:
    • Various options
Thiago Silva in EA FC Mobile
You can customize five parts of your players’ appearance in EA FC Mobile Locker Room.

Team customization in EA FC Mobile Locker Room

In the Team Customization section, players can freely personalize their team logo, as well as choose the ball to be used in their stadiums.

Regarding the logo selection, users will have the opportunity to choose from over 500 crests for their team. It’s important to highlight that the developers mentioned that throughout the season, they will be adding new options so you can switch to your preferred one.

The new player’s details view

Finally, in the Locker Room of your EA FC Mobile team, you can access a revamped player details view where you will find not only the player’s basic statistics but also Traits, Skills, and training options to improve their overall.

Bernardo Silva in EA FC Mobile
The new player details view allows you to check all the Skills and Traits of your players.

That’s all you need to know about all the EA FC Mobile Locker Room features. For more about the EA FC franchise, we suggest checking out our other related guides.

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