Diablo 4 players want major changes to “confusing” UI to cope with new events

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Lilith

Diablo 4 Season 2 has brought a fair amount of changes and fixes to the game, however, the UI is still causing issues for many players.

Diablo 4 Season 2 has been going on quite smoothly as players from all over the world have tuned in to release Sanctuary from the eldritch clutches of the Vampire Lord. However, fans are still dissatisfied about the confusing UI in the game.

Blizzard has introduced several new mechanics such as the Blood Harvest and Uber bosses in Season 2, and fans are seemingly having a tough time keeping up with all these events without certain changes to the user interface.

Reddit user ‘Satokibi’ posted an edited picture of the objectives list of Diablo 4 and they have shown exactly how they want the menu to look. Below you can see that the OP has made three separate sections for World Bosses, Legion Events, and Helltides.

Aside from the UI change, it is also evident that the OP wanted to change the event structure too as they have put multiple events at the same time which is expected to increase the farming opportunities in Season of Blood.

Others called the existing UI “confusing” and also shared their suggestions under the post as one of them wants to see in the UI if a “nightmare dungeon is also a Whisper dungeon” as they would “grind them so much more that way.”

Diabwant mlo 4 players have also mentioned under the post that they “shouldn’t need to go to Helltides website or use the Mobalytics addon to get that info” indicating that the devs should take care of this problem. On the topic of using third-party websites, others have questioned: “Why not just implement the functionality into the game?”

It is unclear if Blizzard will make any changes to the game’s UI or implement any significant quality-of-life features. However, if they consider this to be a major issue and enough players vent their frustration, it’s possible that the devs could release a patch.

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