Diablo 4 players call for simple change to make game less “cramped”

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Lilith in front of the gates of hell

Diablo 4 has one of the most active communities in gaming and the players have yet another suggestion, as they ask the devs to add a much-requested feature to make the experience much better.

Diablo 4 Season 3 is just around the corner as the fans must be hyped up to check out what the new season has to offer. From several new buffs and nerfs, to Unique items, Season of the Construct has a boatload of new stuff arriving in the game.

Ahead of Season 3’s release, Diablo 4 players have suggested a much-requested feature in the game as it would reportedly make their gameplay experience much better and more enjoyable than before.

Reddit user ‘Twitch_Clay024’ suggested this feature as they said: “Does anyone else think the game looks and plays better when zoomed out?” while asking for an option to zoom out at all times. The OP claimed that it would “help with the gameplay” if the devs added this feature in the ARPG.

Other players also agreed with the OP as many claimed that the game looked “so much better when it’s not so cramped.” Some even went ahead and claimed that they would not mind if the devs “dropped all other development updates” to release a zoom-out option in Diablo 4.

“The game is exceptionally better when zoomed out to the next field of view,” added one player. Others claimed that it would make Diablo 4 “much more enjoyable” and would help in traveling from place to place as well.

“People have said this since the beat” claimed a player as others mentioned how “everyone” felt the same way as the OP. The zoom-out option is a much-requested feature in Diablo that has not made its way into the game yet.

Although the players have been quite loud about it since launch, Blizzard are yet to address this issue explicitly. The players would love it if the devs would release a patch that adds a zoom-out option or an FOV slider in Diablo 4.

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