Diablo 4 players call for major changes to “boring” Uber unique grind

Emily Stander
The Diablo 4 end-game boss Duriel

Diablo 4 Uber unique drops require a lot of grinding, and it is bringing issues players have with game design that leads them to boredom. 

Diablo 4 Uber uniques are powerful game items with incredible stats, and they are very difficult to find. To work around this low drop rate, players often target farm where they can to ensure they get the drops they need for end-game content

The way they do this is by targeting end-game bosses like Duriel. This helps players work around the low drop rate, but it’s also making them a little bored with the grind that comes with it. 

“I think there should be other avenues to get Uber uniques so it’s not so boring,” Redditor ‘JiuJitsuDemiGod’ posted. “In Diablo 4 you’re forced to only do one piece of content for hundreds of hours to get the only items that will let you play end game content.”

The discussion turned to fans expressing their disappointment in the gameplay model overall. Essentially, Diablo 4 players feel that not being able to get the best items from merely playing the game makes it difficult to enjoy. 

As another player put it, “The grind sucks because the game design sucks.” This feeling of the grind merely being a time-waster to get the items you need to progress effectively rang true with many fans. 

More ways to get items like Uber uniques, and not forcing players to farm through one end-game boss, is a possible solution to this problem. “It could be extremely rare but it would be nice if the chests in Helltide or the end of higher dungeons dropped something of value,” a player suggested. 

While there is some sense in making powerful drops like Uber uniques available in later game content, players are finding that it is the only time they really feel they are getting the loot they want. Put simply, players want more options for powerful loot and are hoping to see some changes to this in future seasons. 

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